Animal Garden Statues for Hotels

Lioness with Cub StatueAnimal garden sculptures bring a unique, natural look to the backyard. We love to see realistic statues of bears, tigers, and even giraffes in the garden but they can also look surprisingly well in other situations. One of the places where animal garden sculptures look best is in hotel gardens and lobbies. Statues of animals always attract attention because most people are fascinated by animals in some way or another. Whether one hikes through wilderness areas to catch a glimpse of bears feeding on salmon or would rather limit his or her wildlife observations to the local zoo, it's almost impossible not to be mesmerized by the beauty of a big, orange and black striped Bengal Tiger. It's likewise difficult to not be impressed by the incredible colors shown by a strutting male Peafowl or the massive majesty of an adult African Elephant.

When it comes down to it, most people like animals and can appreciate statues of members of the wild kingdom but those sculptures do need to show a certain degree of realism. Fortunately, all of the animals in our collection of resin garden statues were carefully designed to capture the wild and beautiful character of living, breathing animals. This is why our Lioness with Cub Statue looks as if it's about to come to life, and why hotel guests will do a double take when they see the stunning Zairen the Zebra Sculpture.

Browse our big collection of animal garden statues to see how you can welcome and entertain hotel guests with realistic, captivating animal sculptures.

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Meerkat Statue or a Tiger Sculpture?

The Meerkat Clan StatueThe backyard can have a pleasing display of garden fairy statues and Greek garden statues but won't be complete until it also boasts at least one animal yard statue. Animal garden statues can add a key, natural touch that helps to complete the look of a backyard. Although a sculpted fountain gives a crowning touch to backyard decor and no garden should be without one or two elegant garden benches, animal garden sculptures showcase the stunning and dramatic beauty of nature's palette. However, once you realize that the garden could use a statue of a wild animal, which type of animal do you get?

If you are looking for "cute", you can't go wrong with a Meerkat Sculpture. While many animals look cute in their own way, the Meerkat is unbelievably and undeniably adorable. In fact, this mischievous little creature looks so cute, it can be hard to believe that it actually exists. Its tiny black paws and little black mask make this furry creature look like it's always up to no good while its big pleasing eyes and tendency to stand on its hind legs melts the heart with ease.

Powerful Pounce: Sumatran Tiger StatueHowever, if you would rather opt for majesty and drama, forget about the Meerkat and get a stunning Tiger Sculpture! The Powerful Pounce Sumatran Tiger Statue blends fine details and beauty for a very realistic, powerful depiction of this big Asian cat. 

Find high quality, realistic statues of Tigers and Meerkats at Design Toscano today.

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Outdoor Animal Statues that Look Just as Good Inside the Home

Playful Puppy Dogs StatueAnimal garden sculptures make for eye catching decor that can fit into any decorating theme. Statues of wild animals such as lions, tigers, or deer celebrate the beauty of the natural world while statues of squirrels, roosters, and other familiar animals give the yard a cozy, wholesome touch. Although animal statues tend to be viewed as outdoor decor, some sculptures can make just as beautiful a statement when displayed inside the home. Brutus the English Bulldog is one such statue. This fine resin statue captures the fierce yet comical appearance of an English Bulldog intent on protecting its favorite chewing shoe, bone, or flower patch. Put this quality animal yard statue just outside the back door during the summer and put it next to the television during the winter.

The Playful Puppy Dogs Statue also looks just as cheerful when placed in a sunny summer garden or admired inside the home. This beautiful little statue captures the cute and happy appearance of puppy dogs at play with fine, realistic details.

Climbing animal statues can also make excellent wall decor inside the home after they have graced the walls in the garden. One such sculpture is the Giant Garden Gecko Lizard. The glossy green hues and bright yellow toes of this striking, three foot long plus gecko sculpture will add a bright bit of color and character to the walls of your home.

Find these and dozens of other excellent animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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Majestic Resin Garden Statues

Regal Lion Sentinels of Grisham Manor Statue: Right and Left SetGarden statuary is an important part of backyard decor. Statues play a big role in adding character to the green space behind a home or business, can highlight its natural appeal, and can help to turn that backyard into a peaceful oasis. Among the many types of garden statues are realistic animal garden sculptures, statues of angels, and depictions of dragons. Each of these plays a role in certain decorating themes but can also be used together to create a decorating style that puts the focus on all things majestic.

"Majestic" in this sense of the word refers to decor that is outstanding in terms of size, splendor, and the impression it makes on visitors to the garden. These are sculptures fit for a royal garden and include such fantastic animal garden statues as the Regal Lion Sentinels of Grisham Manor and grand scale statues like the nearly eight foot long Bengal Tiger Sculpture. The lion statues are similar to sculptures that flank the entrances to huge Victorian mansions and have a similar, royal effect. The Bengal Tiger sculpture is an outstanding, majestic item on account of its life size proportions and realistic appearance.

Awe inspiring animal garden statues such as these are best paired with the most outstanding of angel sculptures. Although there are several angel statues in our collection that match that description, the Angeli di Luce statues stand out  for their dramatic beauty, realism, and striking demeanor.

Find majestic garden statuary fit for royalty at Design Toscano today.

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Big Savings on Animal Garden Statues

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueSculptures of animals are a beautiful addition to any garden. They add a wonderful touch of natural beauty to the backyard and are symbolic displays of such attributes as luck (elephant statues), freedom (horse statues), powerful beauty (tiger sculptures), and nobility (statues of lions). The beauty of a high quality animal yard statue also makes it a popular conversation piece for a hotel or other place of business as well as a private backyard. When you buy certain animal garden statues today and tomorrow, you will get even more of a return on your investment because all of our on sale animal statues get an additional 20% discount as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale!

Among the animal sculptures included in this fine summer deal are Mombasa the Giraffe and the Galapagos Tortoise Statue. At eight feet in height, Mombasa will literally stand heads above you and all of your guests whereas the Galapagos Tortoise Statue is an incredibly realistic depiction of one of the most interesting animals on the planet. These items are just two of the animal garden statues in our collection destined to be conversation pieces at any home, hotel, or restaurant foyer. Their realism will make them a hit among kids of all ages and you will love the big discount when purchased by tomorrow.

Order these animal garden sculptures and any other on sale item by the end of tomorrow, July 22nd and enjoy a 20% discount!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Animal Garden Statues from Down Under

Tasmanian Devil StatueAustralia is a place of wonder and enchantment. The Great Barrier Reef harbors thousands of colorful fish, anemones, and other sea creatures while the isolation experienced by that southern continent resulted in a wide variety of unique and incredible animals. Kangaroos hop across open grasslands dotted with Eucalyptus groves, and Bottlebrush trees, and bizarre duck-billed Platypus swim in quiet creeks. It's a place that every world traveler hopes to visit but even if you can't make it to Down Under this vacation, you can still bring the flavor of that beautiful land to your yard with certain animal garden sculptures.

One of the most mysterious of all Australian animals is a Canine-like creature known as the Thylacine. Although it might look like a combination of a tiger and a dog, this predator is actually a marsupial and thus more closely related to kangaroos! Sadly, the Thylacine is believed to have gone extinct in Tasmania in the first half of the twentieth century but occasional unverified sightings provide some hope that this secretive creature may still roam wild areas in Tasmania and parts of the Australian mainland. Historically, it coexisted with the infamous Tasmanian Devil, a small, tough, marsupial that uses its strong jaws to crack open the bones of carrion.

Find realistic, quality resin garden statues of these two Australian animals and hundreds of other quality decor items at Design Toscano today.

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Animal Garden Sculptures that Show the Stars of the Animal World

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger SculptureOur planet plays host to an amazing number of species and creatures great and small occur just about everywhere. Life can be found from the coldest, darkest depths of the oceans to the steamy jungles of the Amazon but we don't pay much attention to the vast majority of those life forms. This is because most are microscopic, insects, or small sea creatures that are all too easy to ignore.  Ask almost anyone if they know what a tiger or panda is, though, and they will give an accurate description. It's the big and bold animals that are the stars of the animal world and these also happen to be the ones that look best when displayed in garden statue form.

Some animals dazzle by merit of their ferocious appearance while others show striking patterns and bright colors. The Tiger combines both of these aspects better than any other animal and thus makes an excellent subject for a breathtaking animal yard statue. The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture shows the power and incredible beauty of this big cat with accurate, exquisite details. Pair it with such beautiful statues as the King of the Beasts Lion Sculpture and Tian Shan the Asian Panda Sculpture and your garden will show some of the most eye-catching, incredible animal stars of our world.

Find these exquisite sculptures and dozens of other beautiful animal garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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How to Find Savings on Beautiful Animal Garden Sculptures

"Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan" StatueThe animal yard statue is essential decor for any garden. Animal sculptures celebrate the beauty of nature and can give the backyard a dramatic yet peaceful touch. There is also an animal garden statue that will fit into every decorating theme and many are wonderful decor for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. However, you won't find high quality, unique animal statues at the corner store. High quality sculptures of animals might eventually be located at a store in your city but they will probably cost a lot more than you expected to pay. Follow these two tips and you will always find high quality animal statues for great low prices:

  • Shop for them at the Design Toscano site: We only carry high quality animal statues because all of the sculptures in our collection are commissioned or carefully selected. In addition to being beautiful works of art, we can sell them for excellent prices because we distribute them right from our warehouse.
  • Sales: We hold sales on animal statues and other items on a regular basis. In fact, speaking of sales, if you buy any animal sculptures between today and July 5th, you get a 20% discount! This makes today the perfect time for buying and saving on a fantastic tiger sculpture, and cute animal sculptures like Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan.

Find the best animal statues and other excellent decor for home, garden, and business for the best prices at Design Toscano.

Buy anything on our site between today and July 5th and get a 20% discount as part of our 4th of July Sale!.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Classic Animal Garden Statues

Beaumaris Castle Lion SculptureThe animal garden sculpture has been a common component of villas and extensive Victorian gardens for centuries. Animal statues capture and display the beauty of such wild creatures as lions and tigers without needing to worry about the dangers posed by real, live predators. The right animal statue can also add a royal, elegant touch to the backyard and often acts as a nice complement to stone garden angels and other backyard decor. Classic animal sculptures in particular seem to work especially well with other types of decor. These include such resin garden statue beauties as:

  • Beaumaris, the Castle Lion Sculpture: This beautiful resin replica of a stone Welsh lion is a regal addition to any backyard and works especially well when flanking the entranceway to your garden. This two foot plus high sculpture has been carefully crafted to resemble weathered stone.
  • Majestic Horse Sculpture: With a length and height of four feet, a bronze patina, and very realistic details, this is a truly majestic animal statue. This sculpture is ideal for enthusiasts of all things equine and classic, realistic animal statuary.
  • Man's Best Friend Dog Statue: What can be more classic and endearing than a detailed, realistic sculpture of a faithful pet? This quality garden statue surpasses in capturing the love and loyalty shown by a four-legged member of the family.

Find these and dozens of other high quality animal statues at Design Toscano.

From now until Sunday, June 16th, enjoy free shipping on purchases of $75 or more!

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This Summer, Decorate Your Trees with Animal Garden Statues

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueFortunate indeed are people with yards graced by tall, majestic Sugar Maples and old, Live Oaks. Trees provide shade, nesting sites for birds, and add a stately natural touch to any property. However, as nice as trees look on their own, they look even better when you touch them up with the right type of decor. Greenmen help bring trees to life by giving them personality but certain animal garden sculptures can help a tree take center stage in any backyard.

Put Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan on your favorite backyard tree to decorate it with one of the cutest ape statues you have ever seen. Guests will marvel over the lifelike appearance of baby Pongo as he dangles from his rope swing. This unique animal yard statue is painted by hand and carefully crafted to mimic the reddish fur and appearance of the actual big apes that frequent the canopy of Indonesian rainforests.

Complement Pongo with the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. This high quality animal statue is so realistic that guests and neighbors will wonder if you have a live Chimpanzee living in your backyard. This and Pongo are also excellent decor for a restaurant or hotel.

For a wilder, more colorful animal statue, try the Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue. This beautiful, very realistic sculpture of a young Tiger comes with a "branch" that can be attached to a tree with slot and block connections.

Get 20% off these items, other high quality resin garden statues, and anything from our site when ordered by the end of today, May 28th!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Where to Put a Tiger Sculpture on Display

The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Bengal Tiger StatueSome animals have such a striking, impressive appearance that they look like living works of art. One such charismatic animal is the Tiger. This large cat used to roam the forests and grasslands of Asia from Iran in the west to China in the east. Unfortunately, this top predator has disappeared from large areas of its former range and is currently endangered. Although it still survives in protected areas and reserves, it's very difficult to see even in those places.

Whether you take a trip to India to try and see a Tiger or not, you can pay homage to the wild beauty of this rare feline with Tiger statues. In keeping with the secretive nature of this big cat, put the Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue near protective cover such as a hedge or a tree. Its nearly eight foot in length and beautiful details make this one of the most realistic tiger statues you will ever see!

Couple the grand scale adult tiger with equally realistic and incredibly cute Bengal Tiger cub statues. These life-like sculptures capture the inquisitive nature of tiger cubs and deserve to be displayed out in the open.

Save 20% on these fantastic garden statuary items and everything from the Design Toscano site when ordering today until March 31st.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Animal Garden Statues that Warm the Heart

Chauncey the Confused Chimp Garden Monkey StatueThe animal yard statue can be used to add a wild, exciting touch to the backyard. Detailed statues of panthers, tigers, or a howling wolf accomplish this by reminding us of the savage yet beautiful and wild side of nature. Other animal statues are elegant and a realistic sculpture of a Chimpanzee can be simply comical. Animals also have their adorable side and this is what so many of us find endearing about the animal kingdom. We find innocent beauty in the adorable, playful appearance of a fawn or a young rabbit and many of us welcome such animals into our yards.

Animal garden sculptures of adorable animals can give us peace and warm the heart, especially when the decor is a representation of tender beauty. Get the Mother's Love, Doe and Fawn Sculpture to add a touch of tenderness to your collection of backyard garden statuary. This lovely animal statue will be one of the more peaceful and endearing sculptures in the yard.

Bashful the Bunny Statue is another cute, realistic addition for every backyard. Augment the serene, peaceful atmosphere in your garden with this beautiful little animal statue. Kids of all ages will love it, especially when Bashful is paired with its more animated, curious twin, Hopper the Standing Bunny Statue.

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Free Shipping promotion! Find these and hundreds of high quality animal statues for the garden at Design Toscano.

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The Power and Grace of the Tiger Sculpture

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger SculptureThe Tiger is one of the most charismatic and famed animals on Earth. This huge feline's combination of danger and beauty has fascinated folks in Asia for thousands of years and continues to capture the attention of people throughout the world in modern times. These massive orange cats with neat black stripes are the very definition of power and elegance yet despite their strength, Tigers have sadly become endangered. The big cats were hunted out of many parts of their range decades ago and they need large areas of wilderness to survive. However, hope for the Tiger comes in the form of  protected status, reserves set up for them in various countries, and ecotourism.

Seeing these elusive big cats in the wild is always a challenge but you can still show off their grace, beauty, and power with beautifully detailed animal garden statues. The Sumatran Tiger is the subspecies that occurs in the rainforests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is a gorgeous dark orange cat with black and white highlights. The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture captures this beauty and makes for an exotic addition to any backyard.

To pay homage to the Bengal Tigers that roam the jungles of India, get a life-size animal yard statue of this huge cat! This realistic statue will add dramatic beauty to the backyard of any home or office.

Find the best in beautiful tiger statues and other animal sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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Large Buddha Statue or Small Buddha Statue?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureSome of the largest statues in the world are sculptures of the Buddha. Carved out of mountainsides, shaped from natural rock formations, or painstakingly sculpted from different stones that are then put together, huge Buddha statues never fail to leave most people in awe. This was one of the main reasons for making them so large in the first place but it's not the only size shown by the Buddha statue. Smaller statues are actually the norm and this is demonstrated by many Buddhist temples in Asia. Although the largest statue is the centerpiece of the temple, there is typically a number of other, smaller sculptures in various shrines here and there on the temple grounds. The different sizes of the statues make it easier to be reminded of the Buddha and the importance of striving for humility.

The size of the Buddha statue for your garden depends on how you want to display it. If it's going to be the most important of all your resin garden statues, then a large Buddha sculpture is probably the best one to get because such an item tends to take center stage. If you would rather have the Buddha sculpture act as a simple highlight to an Asian-themed garden that also features a large tiger sculpture and other decor, then you probably need medium or small Buddha statues.

Find an assortment of Buddha statues and other religious outdoor statues at Design Toscano.

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Highlight the Asian Garden with Buddha Statues and Animal Garden Sculptures

A statue of the Buddha is frequently found in Asian-themed gardens. This reflects the tendency for Buddhist Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpturetemples and shrines to combine the beauty of nature with the meditative, peaceful demeanor of sculptures of the Buddha. In keeping with the peaceful tenets of Buddhism, many temples also act as sanctuaries for wildlife by protecting natural habitat and feeding the animals that frequent the surrounding bamboo groves and forests. For this reason, in places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, they can be great places to see monkeys, exotic birds, and other Asian wildlife.

Although you won't find actual Asian animals like tigers and cranes in your Asian-themed garden, you can come close with our realistic, detailed sculptures. Complete the look of your Asian-themed garden by displaying both Buddha statues and animal garden statues such as Tian Shan, the Panda sculpture. Just like a real Giant Panda, this adorable statue has bright, inquisitive eyes, and is keeping busy by chewing on a bamboo stem.

Tigers are another animal that have been the subject of paintings and Asian folklore for centuries. Highlight your Asian-themed garden with a tiger sculpture that showcases the grace and power of this beautiful predator.

Get 20% off the regular price of these animal statues and everything on the Design Toscano site through Sunday, November 25th as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale!

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What Statues for Garden Do You Need?

Whether just getting started with a garden or maintaining one for several years, picking out the right decor Pagoda Lantern Sculpturescan be a challenge. Do you go with greenmen sculptures for the trees or opt for statues that hang from the limbs? Do you limit your garden sculptures to topiary or go for a classic display of Greek-themed statues? Is decor in the backyard going to follow a certain theme or blend Asian sculptures with African animals? No matter how you decide to decorate the garden, the huge assortment of classic and unique decor at Design Toscano gives you a cornucopia of garden statuary options.

If the garden lacks any decor whatsoever, decide on a theme (or not) first and foremost. If going for an Asian-themed garden, Pagoda Lantern sculptures are a good choice. Their simple design and easy-going appearance make them a versatile and ideal addition to any type of flowerbeds.

Speaking of flowers, garden fairies also work well with just about any type of garden on account of their small size and naturally enchanting appearance. The detailed beauty of Fiona the Flower Fairy makes this one of our more popular fairy sculptures.

If you already have an established, well decorated garden, you might want to consider something unique like a life size tiger or Bigfoot.

Save on the best decor for both the backyard and the interior of home and office at Design Toscano.

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Asian Garden Sculptures for Every Backyard

Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali SculptureAsian garden statues are an essential part of every Asian-themed garden. Statues of pagodas and pandas add a beautiful, elegant touch to a backyard where Bonsai and rock gardens are put on display. However, as appropriate as such sculptures are for an Asian-themed backyard, some also work well with backyards where garden fairies hide in the flowerbeds. Take the Pagoda Lantern Sculptures as an example. Unobtrusive, elegant, and soothing, these pieces look right at home in any garden.

The Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali is another sculpture that fits in with just about any theme. As he hides his face in his hands and sits with crossed legs, this Yogi has a rounded shape that lends itself to an expression of peace and tranquility.

Tigers are animal garden statues perfect for most Asian-themed gardens but they also look just as dramatic and beautiful in other backyards. The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue is an accurate display of the excitement and near-panic shown by kittens (tigers included) when they climb just a bit too high.

The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger and Grand Scale Bengal Tiger are also available for people looking for a less playful (and more dramatic) version of this beautiful, big cat.

Save on the best sculptures for any type of garden at Design Toscano today.

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Some Animal Garden Sculptures Are Almost Too Realistic!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueThe animal yard statue is standard backyard decor in every garden. Whether hosting a pantheon of Greek-themed sculptures or putting pagodas and pandas on display, animal statues add a lovely, natural touch. Just like the animals that make up Earth's wild kingdom, they come in all shapes and sizes and can remind us of Mother Nature's deadly beauty, her charm, or the cute side of life. Although animal sculptures can also be cast in noble bronze or represented in cold stone, they are at their most realistic when crafted with resin. The pliable nature of this sculpting medium allows for extremely detailed depictions of tigers, giraffes, and other exciting wildlife.

In fact, some of those resin animal statues look so realistic that neighbors may think that you are harboring an exotic menagerie or are really into taxidermy. For example, take Tank, the Armadillo Garden Statue. This sculpture of the small, naturally armored creature is as about as realistic as any statue can get without turning into the real thing. From the minute pattern on the ears to the faded lower parts of the carapace, no detail, no matter how minute, was left undone.

Save on the most realistic of animal garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Get Extra Savings on Garden Statuary

 Wednesday, July 18th marked the first day of our Mid Summer Clearance Sale and a chance to get an extra 10% off of any on-sale items. Although just a handful of days have passed since Wednesday, today, July 22nd marks the final day of that sale. What can we say? With an extra 10% knocked off already discounted prices, items get sold fast! Smart shippers have taken advantage of this sale and saved on beautiful statuary like the Venus of Burrano Statue and Base Set and the Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden Statue. It pleases us to know that this sale helped put more of these elegant pieces into more gardens.

Venus of Burrano Statue and Base Set

More shoppers have also saved on beautiful indoor items like the Trumpeting Angel's of Saint Peter's Square and the Venus of Arles Sculpture while others got an extra 10% off everything from a the stunning Macedonian Battle Helmet Museum Sculpture to the gorgeous Peacock Sanctuary Sculpture.

Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter's Square

Folks looking for the best in animal garden statues also have plenty of options for savings. Our realistic and unique Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Statue and Sumatran Tiger Sculpture are on sale and ready to amaze every garden guest.

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Statue

Take advantage of this final day of our Mid Summer Clearance Sale to get an extra 10% off all of our on-sale items. Sale ends today!


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What Resin Garden Statues can do for a Business

Garden statuary, despite its name, isn't just for that private green space behind the house. The beauty Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statueof some stone angels, depictions of animals, and other works of art make them just as suitable inside a home as they are beneath the dappled shade of a backyard Oak. Nor do they need to stay within the confines of a home. Buy the right sort of statues for a business and they will probably pay for themselves in a month.

The secret about detailed sculptures of dinosaurs, Bigfoot, or beautiful replicas of more classical statues is that they help with marketing. Whether the business happens to be a restaurant, hotel, or hardware store, they get people's attention and bring them into the store. By adding character to any establishment, they make every visit to the business a memorable one and thus help with branding. 

Flank the front doors of a hotel or restaurant with two Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statues and customers will know they are walking into someplace special.

Put furniture like the The Salentino Crescent Garden Bench into the lobby along with a beautiful tiger sculpture and guests will know that they chose the right place to stay.

Beautify your business and improve its image with fantastic sculptures for outside from Design Toscano.

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