End of Season Sale Starts Tomorrow at Design Toscano!

Tomorrow, March 6th is the start of yet another sale at Design Toscano! From March 6th until March 9th, you can get 20% off all items that are already on sale. It's hard to think of a time when you could save more on garden statuary, and other items that have already had their prices slashed. There are also Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifacthundreds of items to choose from that fit into every decorating theme.

Add a touch of museum-quality class to your office with the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull artifact and get 20% off when you buy it from March 6th to March 9th. Think ahead for the holidays and order the Trumpeting Angels of Saint Peter's Square to take advantage of this sale on items that are already on sale! Get Buddha outdoor statues to bring peace to your garden and animal garden sculptures to put some excitement into the backyard and save money at the same time.

There are also plenty of Egyptian-themed items, Gothic decorations, and elegant, hand-crafted furniture that are already on sale and thus eligible for a 20% discount! The next few days are definitely the time to explore and order from the all sale pages on the Design Toscano site.

Get 20% off all sale items from March 6th until March 9th!

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Bigfoot in The Garden

There is something mysterious about old, primeval forest. Massive trees stretch their way up into the sky to leave the forest floor in perpetual shade. The rustling of leaves in the undergroth reveals the presence of small animals that attempt to stay hidden from larger predators. Treetops are given voice by the wind and woodland birds enchant the forest with song. At night, however, the woods take on a different, more Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statuesinister appearance. The shadows grow long and dark and every sound sets your nerves on edge. Diurnal beings that we are, we can't see into the dim recesses and fear is quickly made tangible by repressed instinctive memories of predators lurking in the dark of the night.

Bigfoot might not be a predator but this legendary creature is every bit as scary and mysterious. People who have heard it howl in the night were petrified to the core. Those who have glimpsed this big, shaggy creature were both terrified and intrigued. Whether real or not, Sasquatch represents wilderness and the great unknown. Although a real Bigfoot isn't likely to turn up in your backyard (folks who reside in the Pacific Northwest might beg to differ), you can capture the essence of one of America's most persistent and fantastic folktales with the Bigfoot statue from Design Toscano. Hide it behind a tree decorated with greenmen to make its presence that much more realistic or let it walk among garden fairies and outdoor animal statues such as a tiger sculpture.

Buy that statue of Bigfoot today and get 25% off the regular price!


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Add Texture to Your Home with Framed Art

There's nothing more boring than a home with bare walls. Well, a static television screen is a strong contender but at least the conglomeration of fuzzy black and white dots still show texture. When walls have nothing to break up their barren monotony, it doesn't say anything about their room. It displays about as much character as a void and you can be sure that guests will get that sort of empty feeling when they Zebra's Kiss: Classic Art Reproductionwalk in. To keep you, your family, and guests interested in the appearance of your home, add some texture to its walls with framed artwork.

They carry out a similar purpose as the greenmen decorating the trees in your garden and will bring those barren walls to life. A framed replica of a painting that depicts black and white striped zebras adds a solid dose of texture to the smoothest of walls. This replica of a work done by Lisa Benoudiz is a great addition to an African-themed room, animal-themed room, or a wall that simply needs more texture.

Just about any painting that incorporates texture will work for spicing up those bare walls. For a classic, patriotic look, try hanging a replica of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Beautify your backyard with a tiger sculpture and resin garden statues but use Egyptian decorations and framed works of art to liven up the interior of your home. All framed art is 25% off from February 22nd to February 27th!

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Add Excitement to Your Yard with Animal Garden Statues

The backyard acts as a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statueuse that fresh, green space for dining, entertaining company, or playing outdoor games. It also encourages you to become lost in the age-old art of gardening, sculpting bushes and trees, watering the lawn, and feeding the birds in your backyard. Nevertheless, every backyard and garden looks better with garden statuary. Animal garden sculptures in particular add excitement to even the most mundane and basic of backyards.

While pink flamingos add color to the yard, a statue of a black panther that lurks beneath the bushes or comes prowling out of the shadows will make every visit to the garden an exciting one. Add a statue of a tiger to the animal garden mix and guests will love the raw, natural feeling of suspense born out of depictions of prowling predators.

Heighten the predator experience further by putting in a statue of a snapping alligator right by the pool! While the big cats lurk back near the bushes, this fearless crocodilian looks like it's leaping right out the water.

However, not all animals statues have to be fearsome. To remind visitors that your backyard is always a welcome, safe place to visit, put Carotene the cute bunny rabbit near the vegetable garden.

Find every type of animal yard statue at Design Toscano. Buy them until February 14th and get 20% off the regular price!
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Last Day to Get 20% off of Asian-Themed Décor!

Sunday, February 5th has arrived and in terms of Asian-themed decor, this the last day that you can get 20% off a variety of quality Asian-themed decorations. If you ever thought about Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statueturning your garden into green space that reminds both you and guests of the Far East, today is the day to stock up on some necessities.

For example, your garden will take on an immediate Asian appearance as soon as you install a pagoda sculpture. Don't stop there though. If you would like your garden to be a meditative place of serene tranquility, get a couple of Buddha outdoor statues. The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary is perfect for providing a niche for meditation, the solid bronze tranquil Buddha statue will make your backyard look a bit like a temple, and the Baby Buddha statue will add a unique touch to any place.

Lighting can be provided by Pagoda lantern sculptures and a dragon statue can hide in one of the flowerbeds. Other Asian-themed animal statues can also be used to compliment the colors of flowering plants. Put in colorful and very realistic tiger cub statues to add a wild touch to your garden.

Whether you already have an Asian-themed garden or would like to start one, today is your last day to get 20% off all Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian decor!

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Japanese Garden Statues on Sale Until Sunday, February 5th!

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureIt's not easy to landscape and upkeep a Japanese garden. Much of the greenery is neatly organized and clipped. Water and rocks must be carefully maintained and decor needs to be placed in just the right spots. Furthermore, no Japanese garden is complete without at least one appropriately themed statue and they look even better when you put in three or four Asian garden sculptures.

Although it makes a garden look incredibly serene, you don't need to put in an enlightened Buddha sculpture or other Buddha outdoor statues if you don't want to. Asian-themed outdoor sculptures come in a number of forms and sizes to fit every taste and every garden. For an Asian animal-themed backyard, put in a lovely Panda sculpture and a couple of tigers. These items make the garden look lively with their colors and realistic appearance. The Sumatran Tiger in particular will make your guests look twice at this majestic prowling statue.

Or, put Basho the Sumo wrestler into your backyard to give it a unique look! You can add to the fun, martial appearance of the backyard with a Ninja Gnome!

No matter how you choose to decorate your Japanese garden, when you buy Asian-themed decor at Design Toscano from now until Sunday, February 5th, you get 20% off the regular price!
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What is a Meerkat?

When it comes to choosing outdoor animal statues, you want to choose animals that will not be found in every garden space.  There are a number of animals to choose from, depending The Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculptureon the theme you choose.  One furry creature that is seen often enough is the meerkat.  But not many people know its true meaning.  Meerkats are used in a variety of settings, and have been seen as characters in everything from The Lion King to fantasy novels.  A meerkat statue in your home is a way of implementing a wild animal theme, without going as fierce as say, a tiger.  Here are some ways to do so.

Who didn’t fall in love with Timon the Meerkat in The Lion King series?  You can bring Timon right into your own back yard with a meerkat sculpture that creates the scene just perfectly.  If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, Meerkats that hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil as you welcome your guests will be a delight for anyone you invite to your home.

For those that don’t know what a Meerkat is, it is easy to shy away from something that looks a little pesky.  However, these adorable fur creatures while they are known for their peskiness, it is this very quality that endears them to all ages.  Invite a Meerkat into your home or garden and create a whimsical enchanting place by doing so.
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Egyptian Decor Celebrates the Holiday in Style

Grand Stone Egyptian Sphinx StatueThere are many people who like to embody the era of a religious holiday, even if they are not religious.  If you would like to capture this in your outdoor decor, but do not subscribe to any one faith, one way you can do so is with Egyptian home decor.  This is a way that you can capture the setting of the holiday season, without making an overt religious statement.  The days of Pharaoh are also known as the days of Christ, and adding these elements into your home or exterior decorations will embody this sentiment, without making a religious statement.

Our resin garden statues are now on sale, and are an affordable way to add the touch of Pharaoh into your outdoor holiday decor. The beauty of a piece such as a Grand Stone Phinx is that it makes a very regal and symbolic holiday statement, without the religious connotations.  Another way to accomplish the same task is with some Egyptian wall art that you can use either outdoors or indoors to make the same statement without saying a word.

If you want to truly stand out from your neighbors during the holiday season by adding a hint of Egypt into your home, another option you have is by adding a touch of the wild.  Our gorgeous tiger sculpture will make a stunning statement that embodies a true African motif symbolic to the Egyptian era of Pharaohs. 

Decorating for the holidays is never easy, particularly if you want to stand out. Stand out and stay on budget by enjoying Egyptian pieces that are now on sale, and add that symbolic element to your holiday decor at the same time.

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Give an Animal Sculpture to Your Favorite Survivor Fan

The popular CBS television show has created quite the kingdom of Survivor lovers all over the world.  Many fans of this show have attempted to recreate their own world of Survivor through their home décor.  If you have a Survivor fan on your gift giving list this holiday season, there are ways that you can honor that for them by giving them a gift that is sure not to be replicated by someone else.  Here are some suggestions!

Prowling Tiger StatueThe African themed season of Survivor is one that is loved and remembered well by most fans.  The livestock shown in that season is one of the most symbolic and memorable components of that season.  What better way to put a little bit of Survivor Africa into the home of a recipient than through a gift such as a tiger sculpture or outdoor animal statues?

Outdoor elephant statues for a Survivor fan will serve many purposes as well, especially if they are also a gardener!  Elephants are not just symbolic to Africa, but symbolic of hope and wellness upon a home as well, and the perfect and affordable gift for the Survivor fan on your list.

If you want to give a gift that will truly be remembered, not just through the holiday season, but all year long as well, animal statues or gifts will be cherished by any Survivor fan on your list.  Make a wild statement without using a wild budget and give the perfect gift at the same time!

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Egyptian Décor and an Owl Sculpture

There is no place better than Design Toscano to find Egyptian tables and other furniture.  We have a wide selection and there is something that will fit into almost any room.  A nice sized table is our Silver and Gold Servant to the Pharaoh Glass-Topped Console Table.  Exquisitely sculpted and hand painted in faux gold and silver, this servant with his Egyptian headdress is kneeling and balancing a 3/8” glass top.  The table is an excellent size at 22” wide by 30” tall.  The best thing about this item is that it is on sale.

King Ah-Ah-Choo Egyptian Tissue Box CoverSometimes we just want to have fun with some of our collections and the Egyptian Décor group is no exception.  An interesting and useful piece that might just make a great small gift is our King Ah-Ah-Choo Egyptian Tissue Box Cover.  Even though it is for tissues, this is still a well detailed sculpture done in designer resin and hand painted in the blue and faux gold of our Egyptian headdresses.  The tissues, conveniently enough, are pulled right out from under his nose.

Animal sculpture by our artists is always marvelously hand painted and extraordinarily realistic looking, a fine example being our tiger sculpture.  Now this fine animal detail has come to wall sculpture and we present the West Tower Owl Wall Sculpture.  The white owl has unique hand painted black accents on his fur and his face is simply amazing.  He is over a foot tall and would make an exciting gift.

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A Fire Dragon, Unicorns and a Black Cat

So many customers are so fond of our Japanese garden statues and all our other outdoor Asian sculptures that we have some wonderful indoor wall sculpture that we know you will like.  The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture is a wonderful Asian piece and not bad for Halloween either.  This dragon appears to be coming directly through your wall and is one of our most detailed dragons with great scales, plumed head and long tongue.  Hand painted in wood tones with a touch of faux gold, he is a dramatic specimen.

Black Cat on a Witch's Broom StatueThe Basil Street Gallery is filled to the brim with items that will raise your home décor to museum quality.  When looking for something a little mythical, but also beautiful for this time of year, you need to see The Mythical Unicorns of the Glade Sculpture. This sculpture stands 11 ½” tall and is created with a faux bronze finish.  The artist has given these mythical beasts all the beauty of majestic horses with an exquisite horn on each of their heads.

Animals are something that we do better than anyone else in the statuary business and this is reflected in our realistic tiger sculpture.  For Halloween you need to find the perfect black cat for your decorations and the Black Cat on a Witch’s Broom Statue is just the best. The snarling cat is created in designer resin and hand painted completely black.  He is standing on a witch’s broom, guarding it for her return from maybe a little spell casting.

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An Elephant, Fox and Saber Tooth


Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting StatueWhile there is nothing really scary about our outdoor elephant statues or the wonderful indoor statues that we have, Halloween brings to mind gift shopping season and you may well have some elephant lovers on your list.  A great gift for the elephant collector is Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting Statue.  This stately elephant in a faux bronze finish has decided take a break and sprawl just anywhere you want to put him. 

Our adorable animals are more likely to be fun, like our Meerkat sculpture, than they are to be threatening or scary.  We do have an adorable animal though that might make the scene at Halloween and that is Simon the Fox Garden Statue.  Simon is exquisitely hand painted in red and white fur and a sharp foxy face.  You just know that he looking for someone’s hen house to pillage.

Design Toscano tiger sculpture is absolutely beautiful with its brightly hand painted striped tigers doing anything from napping to prowling.  Now if you want some tiger genre sculpture for Halloween, we present the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifact which is an amazing replica of the skull discovered at the La Brea Tar Pits.  It has a bone finish, is almost 2 ft. tall and would make a great man cave decoration.

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Wall Sculpture: Egyptian, Witches and Tigers

Our Egyptian home décor items are simply marvelous and also are well priced.  You can easily fulfill your love of this décor with furniture, statues, wall sculptures and much more here and stay on budget.  A piece of wall sculpture that is also a practical piece is the Egyptian Winged Caryatid Wall Shelf hand painted in ebony and faux gold.  The Caryatid is carved in delicious detail with wide wings holding up the shelf on top; it stands over a foot tall.  You can buy this impressive shelf as a single piece or save more and buy a set of them.

Witch's Cat Spell-Casting Wall SculptureHalloween season will soon be upon us and now is the time to browse Design Toscano to see what we’ve come up with.  You know we love to have fun with our animals, like the adorable Meerkat sculpture, now find out what we do with ghosts and goblins.  A great sculpture is the Witch’s Cat Spell Casting Wall Sculpture which warns people that a witch is now casting spells.  The witch’s cat wearing the witch’s hat is sitting atop a sign with a spider in a web.  Of course it is hand painted in green, silver and a little red spider.

Our wall sculpture collection has grown and in addition to many pieces that are complementary  all  imaginable décor possibilities, we also have tiger sculpture.  The tiger in question is the beautiful Indochinese Tiger Wall Sculpture.  Like our many other animals, this tiger head is sculpted of designer resin and hand painted with strong stripes and a gold and white mane.  He will cause comment on your wall.

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Unique Wall Art

Earth Witness Buddha Wall SculptureOur customers have often built a serene meditation garden around our large Buddha statue and other Asian figures outside.  Now that many parts of the country are moving inside, we would like to introduce you to wall art that can help create a meditative space inside and that is the Earth Witness Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This is a replica of the Angkor Khmer Buddha from Southeast Asia.  This serene Buddha figure will add peace to any décor and might be nice in a yoga room; it is relatively small at just over a foot tall.

Medieval enthusiasts have always been fond of our knight statues and their accompanying pieces of armor to put a touch of strength to their castles.  Now we have a beautiful piece of wall art that will fit right in with that theme and that is the Queen Victoria’s Royal Coat of Arms Shield Sculpture.  This Design Toscano exclusive is done in the colors red, blue and faux gold and is over a foot tall.  The well detailed design is done in bas relief style.

Animals are our most popular item for both indoors and outdoors and all of them are sleekly detailed by our artists and are realistically hand painted in their fur colors like our tiger sculpture. We now have a sculpture that you will be excited to have prowling in your garden, the Lioness Statue.  The lioness is almost 3 feet long and artist Samuel Lightfoot has depicted her prowling through her territory, on watch at all times.

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A Cat Birdhouse and Beautiful Religious Statue

Cat-Astrophe Sculptural BirdhouseBROWSE NOW TO PREPARE FOR THE BIG LABOR DAY SALE, SEPT. 1-6, 2011, 20% OFF ENTIRE SITE!

Design Toscano is known for its realistic animal sculpture of all types such as our lifelike tiger sculpture.  Every now and then though we love to have fun with our animals and a fine example of this is the Cat-Astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse arriving just in time for the birds that don’t fly south.  This goofy cat has bulging green eyes that are staring at the birds that land on its tongue hanging out.  Once the birds get over the sculpture of a crazy cat they will appreciate the place to rest.

The Risen Jesus Christ SculptureWe have spiritual and beautiful angels in our stone garden angel collection, but we also have some adorable renderings of baby angels that just must be seen.  A really cute example is the Angel Play Hanging Sculpture: Medium.  A well carved and detailed baby angel is hanging from a carved ribbon, just dropping in from heaven.  This angel is a wonderful example of playful spirituality.

Nothing can quite create a sense of serenity and heavenly peace in a garden as does one of our religious outdoor statues.  For a yard in which you want to place the peace of Christ, there is no better statue than The Risen Jesus Christ Sculpture.  Artist Carlo Bronti exquisitely captures the essence of Jesus as He stands at the door of the tomb, now arisen to bring peace to all mankind. 

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Heavenly Angels and the Eye of Horus

Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural FountainWhenever you see a beautiful stone garden angel statue in any outdoor garden, 9 times out of 10 it will have originated from Design Toscano.  Our angels are renowned for the artists’ attention to detail and the serenity they emit.  If you love fountains, take a look at the Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural Fountain.  The fountain is almost four feet tall and has a verdigis bronze finish.  A beautiful angel is dipping her toes in a large basin of water and the water sounds create a tranquil peaceful space.

As part of our GARDEN SALE, many of our wonderful animals are now on sale.  These are realistically sculpted and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  The panda is always a sought after item and now Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture is on sale!  This adorable panda, depicted chewing on some bamboo, is a foot and a half tall.  The artist did excellent work with detail on his paws and marvelous face.

Also on sale are some pieces in our extensive Egyptian art collection.  Now is the time to pick these up a great price and perhaps redo some your indoor décor.  A great start for decor would be with the sparkling Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase.  This is a ceramic vase with the Eye of Horus painted on a crisp Egyptian blue background.  It is 9” tall, hand fired and accented with real gold leaf.  A great item to find on sale!

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Great Gator and a Hoot Owl

The Gargantuan Garden Gator StatueDesign Toscano prides itself on its “extraordinary” animals that will have your neighbors talking; things like our dinosaurs and Big Foot garden statue.  A big guy that will surprise and perhaps frighten your visitors a bit is The Gargantuan Garden Gator Statue.  This guy is 74” long and 22” high and surprisingly he has a hat and binoculars in his large sharp teeth, is someone missing?  Of course he is hand painted and done in good detail, also on sale, so get him at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th at an even greater bargain.
Most of our animals look like the real thing when they are created in designer resin and beautifully hand painted such as our tiger sculpture and other large animals.  We also have some pretty cute realistic smaller animals such as Howie the Hoot Owl Swinging Sculpture.  Howie sits on a swing with moon over his head.  His wing and body feathers are so well done that everyone will expect to hear a whoooo from him. Howie would be a great buy at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th.

This is certainly not the time to forget about all of our adorable garden statues gnomes.  They too are looking forward to fall and all the tasks that preparation for that season will entail.  One guy who keeps busy is our Garden Gnomes Toad House Statue who watches over the Toad House.  Here all the little creatures of the garden can come and dig and visit with the wonderful gnome on top.  The sculpture is 360 degrees and has a back entrance too.  Get it on sale at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th.

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Waylen Pond Ducks and a Raptor Gargoyle

Take Advantage of our Dog Days of Summer Deals! 
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The Ducks of Waylen Pond Statues: Set of TwoOur catalog is full of wonderfully sculpted pond creatures like our tortoise statue and our many adorable jumping and spitting frogs.  Now you can add another adorable creature to the list, The Ducks of Walen Pond Statues: Set of Two, one of which is just standing and gazing around while the other one has wings spread and is ready for takeoff.  The ducks, which are done in designer resin, are hand painted in a light two tone and great effort was made to create their wings, feathers and faces to match nature. 

The zoo animals of Design Toscano are captured by our artists in many distinguished and fun poses, like our young tiger sculpture which climb trees and bask in the sun.  A new guy on the block is Oswald the Baby Orangutan Statue with an incredibly ugly yet adorable face and a pear in his hand.  He is cast in a sitting position and looks ready to play at any time and everyone will want to take him home on sight.

There is nothing that adds to your medieval décor like a gargoyle and we have many lovely gargoyle figurines to choose from.  If you want something that can guard your yard, you might like our Raptor, Gargoyle Surveyor of the Realm Sculpture.  The base of the sculpture is a medieval spire upon which our gargoyle is climbing and looking out over the land.  The statue is 30” high and the gargoyle has wings spread, fine scaly legs and claws with a face that would stop a clock.

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Gnome Sumo, the Good Shepard and a Squirrel for Your Garden

Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: SumoEven as the summer season is beginning to close, there is still time to put great items in your garden.  Our garden statues gnomes are always the right thing for any garden and now we have a couple of international fellows.  One that is a standout is our Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Sumo.  This little fellow has the face and beard of a gnome, but his hair is in the sumo topknot and his body is all sumo.  Perhaps he can wrestle your other garden gnomes.

Design Toscano has a wide selection of religious outdoor statues which are extremely popular due to the loving detail put into each one. A classic in this collection is Jesus, the Good Shepherd Garden Statue which is 40” high and done in beautiful detail.  It depicts Jesus with a shepherd’s staff and a sheep in the front.  He is gently carrying a baby lamb and his face is full of love.

Of course you want one of our realistic animals in your yard, they are all sculpted in great detail and hand painted like our beautiful and ferocious tiger sculpture.  As if you didn’t have enough squirrels in your yard already, you can now confuse them all with Simone, the Squirrel Hanging Sculpture.  This adorable little squirrel looks just like the ones that climb all over your trees, however, but she is stationary.  This Design Toscano exclusive is so much like the real thing that the other squirrels will try to chase her. 

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The RCA Dog and Stallions on the Wall

Nipper, the RCA Dog StatueDesign Toscano is all about sculptures for outside.  If you drive through your neighborhood and peer into neighbors’ yards, you will see our pieces outdoors on almost every block and the reason for this is that they are sculptured in fine detail and also our artists have an eye for the unusual. Nipper, the RCA Dog Statue is a fine example of this.  Many people remember this dog tilting his ear to hear his master voice over a gramophone and see this as a great piece of memorabilia.  Others don’t remember the trademark, but do love this statue as a well detailed adorable pup and a great addition to the garden.

When one is looking for something totally adorable and undeniably cute, they need to look at our collection of garden cherub statues.  One of these is the In Nature’s Hands Baby Cherub Angel Statue.  This sculpture is about the birth of each new season of the year.  The baby’s head is shown held in nature’s hands and surrounded with angel wings.

Our artists create animals that are second to none in their fine detail and life like musculature such as our bold tiger sculpture.  Now they have created a wall piece that horse lovers will adore and all animal lovers will want to have.  This is the Stallion Stampede Wild Horse Wall Sculpture depicting three wild stallions with their manes flying and heads rearing.  The piece is 30” wide and is done in a classic relief style.

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