An Animal Yard Statue to Turn Heads and Water Your Lawn

Garden statuary is meant to be seen. That may sound like an obvious fact but some people buy statues for the garden or other items meant to decorate the backyard and end up storing them inside on a permanent basis. This usually happens because they ended up buying cheap, poor quality items that Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden Sprinklerbroke or looked so bad that they were better off not putting them on display. Fortunately, people who order sculptures from Design Toscano don't run into this problem because all statues are crafted by true artists who use high quality, long-pasting resins. When that Tiger Sculpture arrives at the door, you will be ready and eager to put it into the backyard so your guests and neighbors can appreciate its beauty.

Such is also the case for Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden Sprinkler. When you water your lawn with this fantastic sculpture, don't be surprised if the neighborhood kids come by to watch the show. "Tiny" sprays water up and out of its realistic trunk to keep your backyard grass fresh and green. Even if you don't feel like using it to water the lawn, it’s still going to make for an excellent backyard sculpture.

Get 20% off this and other animal statues until tomorrow, April 25th.

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Save 20% on Animal Garden Statues until April 25th!

The Gargantuan Garden Gator StatueThe snow has melted, flowers are blooming, and if you haven’t started preparing your garden for the warm days and gentle evenings of summer, it’s time to put out the decor! The hour has arrived for taking your favorite Summer statues back out of storage and buying a few new items for the yard. Some of the most interesting and unique sculptures to adorn a garden are animal garden sculptures. Tigers and pandas go perfect with any Asian-themed garden, a beautiful, detailed bear will add a wild, natural touch to the backyard, and you can even pay homage to the majestic wildlife of the African savannahs with Cheetah and Lion statues.

Best of all, start ordering any animal statues for the garden today from Design Toscano and you will get 20% off the regular price! The sale starts today but it doesn’t last long because it ends on Wednesday, April 25th. With a huge variety of items to choose from, you will find animal sculptures that complement every theme. Go classic with the Lion of Florence, comical with the Gargantuan Gator Statue, or welcome guests with the incredibly cute Puppy Parade Welcome Sign.

These and every animal yard statue are on sale for 20% off the regular price from now until Wednesday, April 25th! 

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Start Saving Today on all Garden Statuary from Design Toscano!

Today, April 5th is one day closer to warmer weather. In the northeast, Spring Peepers and Red-winged Cat Memorial Angel Pet StatueBlackbirds are calling from thawed marshes. American Robins are caroling from backyards across the nation and tulips are showing off their striking colors. On this day, Spring is definitely in the air and so are savings when you order statues for the garden from Design Toscano.

From today until Thursday, April 12th, all garden statues and sculptures are 20% off! This is the time for buying new Spring additions for every backyard and at Design Toscano you will find quality sculptures for every taste and theme. There are dozens of animal statues to choose from include everything from life-size, beautifully detailed tiger sculptures to classic lion sculptures and panda statues for Asian-themed gardens.

A veritable host of angels are also available. Monument statues such as the Angel of Grief will make guests feel as if they took a step back in time to the Victorian era. An assortment of cherubs will add a bit of heaven to every backyard, and there is even a cute, sleeping cat angel statue that can be used as a memorial for a deceased pet.   

No matter which backyard sculptures you decide to go with, remember to buy them before April 12th to get 20% off the regular price!

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The Regal Sophistication of Lion Garden Statuary

Roaming the wild plains of Africa, lions are the apex predator of their realm. Powerful prides of lions flee from no other animal and are the epitome of security and authority. The power and royal bearing of lions has been a source of fascination and inspiration for thousands of years. Associated with nobility, power, Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor Statueand leadership, these big, maned cats were depicted in the halls of Babylon, are featured on royal family crests, and have been immortalized as sculptures in many a Victorian-era garden.

As animal garden statues, lions bring a certain sense of regal sophistication to your place. Just as with the royal families of yore, depictions of these big felines are a demonstration of power, security, and courage. The universal appeal of this animal also makes lions right at home in any garden decorating theme. They pair well with a tiger sculpture in an Asian garden, are perfect for any Medieval-themed backyard, and fit right in with classical sculptures of angels.

Show your noble bearing with one or both of the Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor statues. With long, flowing manes and muscular stature, these beautiful animal garden sculptures are a classic addition to every home.

Find the best lion statuary and unique decor for any garden decorating theme at Design Toscano.

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Free Shipping for $75 or more Orders of Gothic Décor

It may be April first, but this is no joke. When you order $75 or more of Gothic decorations or anything else from Design Toscano, the shipping is free! No need to worry about those extra costs associated with large purchases such as furniture or a big Buddha sculpture for your Asian-themed garden. As long as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinetorder is at least $75, Design Toscano pays for the shipping on April 1st. This is a type of discount that you can truly take advantage of when ordering big items.

Just imagine how much it would cost to ship the new, life size Bigfoot statue? When you take those shipping costs into account, that's a discount nearly as big as Bigfoot himself! The same goes for the beautiful, grand scale tiger sculpture. It's not going to be cheap to ship that to your home but buy it today and all shipping costs are taken care of.

That free shipping on April first means that today is also the day to start decorating the inside of your home with beautifully detailed Egyptian decor and furniture sculptures like the Gothic Sanctuary Table Cabinet.

Find the best objets d'art for your home and garden at Design Toscano and get free shipping today only when you order $75 or more.


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Get 20% Off Large Animal Sculptures until Friday, March 30th

Any animal sculpture adds a wild touch to a garden. Depictions of nature in a natural setting remind The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Komodo Dragon Statuepeople of the potential posed by green space. Although no one expects a tiger to come prowling through the backyard, a tiger sculpture does remind us that these beautiful creatures still exist in the wildest parts of Asia. Any size statue will have that effect but they look far more realistic as life-size sculptures.

The Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue shows exactly why villagers take care to avoid these big cats at all costs! Nearly eight feet long, this detailed, beautiful depiction of a royal Bengal Tiger can be downright intimidating after putting it into the garden.

Likewise, when you put the life-size statue of a Komodo Dragon into the backyard, guests might run for the back door out of instinct. This ten foot sculpture is about as detailed as one can get outside of having a real Komodo Dragon creeping around the garden.

Another animal yard statue that will be the talk of every garden guest is the Gargantuan Garden Gator. More than six feet long, the straw hat in its toothy maw show why one should never get too close to these large predators!

Get 20% off these animal garden statues, Asian garden sculptures, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th.

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Spring Sale Starts Today at Design Toscano!

The end of March is in sight and Spring is in full swing across the nation. Warm, southerly winds speak of change in the air and Design Toscano is celebrating with a Spring sale. From today until Friday, March 30th, everything on the Design Toscano site is 20% off the regular price! That includes all of the classic Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Crestingobjets d'art, Egyptian decorations, new Spring items, and everything else. It's the right time to order all of your Spring decorating needs and Summertime garden statuary.

Get 20% off and save on items like the new giant Bigfoot statue, animal sculptures from tall giraffes to lions and tigers, and every type of fairy imaginable. Your garden will become a wild, magical place that inspires every day of the week.

It's the perfect occasion for buying one of the dragon sculptures you have been eyeing for the past year. Buy Apex, the Winged Dragon and get 20% off this unique sculpture for the roof. Or put Sagremor's Dragon with Gazing Orb in the garden to give it a magical, Medieval look. Inside the home, the Warrior Dragon, glass-topped sculptural table helps you serve guests with a touch of fantasy.

Shop at Design Toscano from today until Friday, March 30th and get 20% everything!

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There are Tigers in the Garden!

Some people's gardens are pretty wild. Folks with backyards that abut national forests and large protected areas see their fair share of animal visitors. Deer, raccoons, elk, and even bears can make their way into the garden. Some folks in Africa and Asia have to contend with even larger, much more The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Lying Down Bengal Tiger Cub Statuedangerous animals such as elephants, leopards, and even pythons. Animals like that are enough to keep you from watering or weeding the garden but backyard encounters with wild creatures like those are fortunately far and few between. Luckily, the same can be said of the Bengal Tiger.

One of the largest, most beautiful predators in the world, the Bengal Tiger still roams protected forests and reserves in India. However, just a century ago, it was much more common and probably turned up in people's Indian gardens on a rare but regular basis! A much safer means of having tigers in the garden is by displaying authentic, detailed tiger sculptures. Put out garden statuary like the Lying Down Bengal Tiger Cub and neighbors might wonder if you happen to have a pet tiger relaxing in the backyard. Pair it with the life-size Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue and they might run back into the safety of their homes!

Intimidating and breathtaking, these animal garden statues add a wild, exotic look to every backyard. Get free shipping on these animal garden sculptures and any purchase of $75 or more from March 16th to March18th.

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Add Light to a Room with Art Deco

Lamps come in all shapes and forms and many act as intricate works of art. Even though they serve a The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpturefunction, they never need to be boring. That would do your home a disservice, especially since there are so many beautiful and interesting means of adding light to a room. Instead of using a regular lamp for lighting, you could also provide a soft, warm touch with elegant art deco like the The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture.

Is it a lamp? Is it a sculpture? It's actually neither and both at the same time. The graceful curves of this art deco piece are beautiful to look at and add elegance to any room. The piece would be beautiful enough on its own but the frosted, lit globe helps it to take on a much more magical appearance. Colored in a trio of faux ivory, ebony, and gold leaf, this sculpture also has just the right amount of contrasting tints to give it an eternal, peaceful, museum-like appearance. While a tiger sculpture or Bigfoot statue adds excitement to a backyard, this beautiful little piece from the Basil Street catalog is functional elegance at its purest.

Find everything from art deco to Greek garden statues and Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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Cheetahs: The Epitomy of Grace and Speed

The big cats are recognized and admired for their power and royal appearance. Lions are used in many Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statueparts of the world as a sign of nobility and courage while tigers are a common subject of Asian art. While the fierce strength of those big cats, the leopards, and the Jaguar can't be denied, none of them hold the title for fastest land animal. That erstwhile award goes to the Cheetah as this lithe feline can attain speeds of 75 miles per hour! 

Cheetahs are fast and built for it with long, slender bodies, small heads, and short claws that help provide traction by gripping the ground. Whether sitting on its haunches, crouched in the grass, or flying across the plains, the Cheetah is always a portrait of grace in action. People throughout the ages have admired Cheetahs for their abilities and have trained the speedy cats to hunt for gazelles, antelope, and other swift-footed herbivores. Unfortunately, they have declined and become rare in many areas of their former range. Nevertheless, Cheetahs can still be seen in action on visits to large protected areas in eastern Africa, and detailed animal garden statues of this beautiful cat can also be placed in the backyard or home.

Animal garden sculptures of a Cheetah on the prowl acts as graceful "yin" to the powerful "yang" of a tiger sculpture. Inside the home, the Basil Street Gallery Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statue makes an elegant addition to any desk.

Save on these and other Cheetah objets d'art at Design Toscano today!


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Add Personality to your Garden with a Meerkat Sculpture!

The savannas of Africa are filled with wildlife. Herds of Zebras, Wildebeest, Gazelles, and Giraffes roam and graze the plains. Lions, Hyenas, and other predators stalk them and the deadly drama played out between predator and prey unfolds on a nightly basis. Among the larger animals are a cadre of smaller creatures that also make their home on the plains. They tend to be ignored and overlooked when Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountaincharismatic megafauna like rhinos and elephants come onto the scene but many of the smaller animals are just as interesting as the big ones.

Meerkats in particular are filled with personality and are incredibly endearing. Small, weasel-like animals that look as if they applied a bit too much eye liner, Meerkats spend much of their time with their huge extended family. As some of the family rests inside and forages near their burrows, others act as sentinels to watch for eagles and other larger animals that would prey upon them. As they keep an eye out for their enemies, the Meerkats stand on their hind legs and peer into the distance with bright eyes. If a jackal, eagle, or other predator is sighted, the sentinels give the alarm and the rest of the Meerkat family zips into their underground burrow.

Although you would need to have a backyard in an expansive African savanna to play host to wild Meerkats, you can still bring the personality of these  little characters into your garden with a Meerkat statue fountain. This realistic fountain shows several Meerkats of all ages as they hold vigil over the garden and is an excellent accompaniment to a backyard with greenmen and other animal garden statues such as a tiger sculpture.

Get 20% off this and other sale items from March 6th until March 9th!

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End of Season Sale Starts Tomorrow at Design Toscano!

Tomorrow, March 6th is the start of yet another sale at Design Toscano! From March 6th until March 9th, you can get 20% off all items that are already on sale. It's hard to think of a time when you could save more on garden statuary, and other items that have already had their prices slashed. There are also Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifacthundreds of items to choose from that fit into every decorating theme.

Add a touch of museum-quality class to your office with the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull artifact and get 20% off when you buy it from March 6th to March 9th. Think ahead for the holidays and order the Trumpeting Angels of Saint Peter's Square to take advantage of this sale on items that are already on sale! Get Buddha outdoor statues to bring peace to your garden and animal garden sculptures to put some excitement into the backyard and save money at the same time.

There are also plenty of Egyptian-themed items, Gothic decorations, and elegant, hand-crafted furniture that are already on sale and thus eligible for a 20% discount! The next few days are definitely the time to explore and order from the all sale pages on the Design Toscano site.

Get 20% off all sale items from March 6th until March 9th!

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Bigfoot in The Garden

There is something mysterious about old, primeval forest. Massive trees stretch their way up into the sky to leave the forest floor in perpetual shade. The rustling of leaves in the undergroth reveals the presence of small animals that attempt to stay hidden from larger predators. Treetops are given voice by the wind and woodland birds enchant the forest with song. At night, however, the woods take on a different, more Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statuesinister appearance. The shadows grow long and dark and every sound sets your nerves on edge. Diurnal beings that we are, we can't see into the dim recesses and fear is quickly made tangible by repressed instinctive memories of predators lurking in the dark of the night.

Bigfoot might not be a predator but this legendary creature is every bit as scary and mysterious. People who have heard it howl in the night were petrified to the core. Those who have glimpsed this big, shaggy creature were both terrified and intrigued. Whether real or not, Sasquatch represents wilderness and the great unknown. Although a real Bigfoot isn't likely to turn up in your backyard (folks who reside in the Pacific Northwest might beg to differ), you can capture the essence of one of America's most persistent and fantastic folktales with the Bigfoot statue from Design Toscano. Hide it behind a tree decorated with greenmen to make its presence that much more realistic or let it walk among garden fairies and outdoor animal statues such as a tiger sculpture.

Buy that statue of Bigfoot today and get 25% off the regular price!


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Add Texture to Your Home with Framed Art

There's nothing more boring than a home with bare walls. Well, a static television screen is a strong contender but at least the conglomeration of fuzzy black and white dots still show texture. When walls have nothing to break up their barren monotony, it doesn't say anything about their room. It displays about as much character as a void and you can be sure that guests will get that sort of empty feeling when they Zebra's Kiss: Classic Art Reproductionwalk in. To keep you, your family, and guests interested in the appearance of your home, add some texture to its walls with framed artwork.

They carry out a similar purpose as the greenmen decorating the trees in your garden and will bring those barren walls to life. A framed replica of a painting that depicts black and white striped zebras adds a solid dose of texture to the smoothest of walls. This replica of a work done by Lisa Benoudiz is a great addition to an African-themed room, animal-themed room, or a wall that simply needs more texture.

Just about any painting that incorporates texture will work for spicing up those bare walls. For a classic, patriotic look, try hanging a replica of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Beautify your backyard with a tiger sculpture and resin garden statues but use Egyptian decorations and framed works of art to liven up the interior of your home. All framed art is 25% off from February 22nd to February 27th!

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Add Excitement to Your Yard with Animal Garden Statues

The backyard acts as a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statueuse that fresh, green space for dining, entertaining company, or playing outdoor games. It also encourages you to become lost in the age-old art of gardening, sculpting bushes and trees, watering the lawn, and feeding the birds in your backyard. Nevertheless, every backyard and garden looks better with garden statuary. Animal garden sculptures in particular add excitement to even the most mundane and basic of backyards.

While pink flamingos add color to the yard, a statue of a black panther that lurks beneath the bushes or comes prowling out of the shadows will make every visit to the garden an exciting one. Add a statue of a tiger to the animal garden mix and guests will love the raw, natural feeling of suspense born out of depictions of prowling predators.

Heighten the predator experience further by putting in a statue of a snapping alligator right by the pool! While the big cats lurk back near the bushes, this fearless crocodilian looks like it's leaping right out the water.

However, not all animals statues have to be fearsome. To remind visitors that your backyard is always a welcome, safe place to visit, put Carotene the cute bunny rabbit near the vegetable garden.

Find every type of animal yard statue at Design Toscano. Buy them until February 14th and get 20% off the regular price!
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Last Day to Get 20% off of Asian-Themed Décor!

Sunday, February 5th has arrived and in terms of Asian-themed decor, this the last day that you can get 20% off a variety of quality Asian-themed decorations. If you ever thought about Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statueturning your garden into green space that reminds both you and guests of the Far East, today is the day to stock up on some necessities.

For example, your garden will take on an immediate Asian appearance as soon as you install a pagoda sculpture. Don't stop there though. If you would like your garden to be a meditative place of serene tranquility, get a couple of Buddha outdoor statues. The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary is perfect for providing a niche for meditation, the solid bronze tranquil Buddha statue will make your backyard look a bit like a temple, and the Baby Buddha statue will add a unique touch to any place.

Lighting can be provided by Pagoda lantern sculptures and a dragon statue can hide in one of the flowerbeds. Other Asian-themed animal statues can also be used to compliment the colors of flowering plants. Put in colorful and very realistic tiger cub statues to add a wild touch to your garden.

Whether you already have an Asian-themed garden or would like to start one, today is your last day to get 20% off all Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian decor!

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Japanese Garden Statues on Sale Until Sunday, February 5th!

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureIt's not easy to landscape and upkeep a Japanese garden. Much of the greenery is neatly organized and clipped. Water and rocks must be carefully maintained and decor needs to be placed in just the right spots. Furthermore, no Japanese garden is complete without at least one appropriately themed statue and they look even better when you put in three or four Asian garden sculptures.

Although it makes a garden look incredibly serene, you don't need to put in an enlightened Buddha sculpture or other Buddha outdoor statues if you don't want to. Asian-themed outdoor sculptures come in a number of forms and sizes to fit every taste and every garden. For an Asian animal-themed backyard, put in a lovely Panda sculpture and a couple of tigers. These items make the garden look lively with their colors and realistic appearance. The Sumatran Tiger in particular will make your guests look twice at this majestic prowling statue.

Or, put Basho the Sumo wrestler into your backyard to give it a unique look! You can add to the fun, martial appearance of the backyard with a Ninja Gnome!

No matter how you choose to decorate your Japanese garden, when you buy Asian-themed decor at Design Toscano from now until Sunday, February 5th, you get 20% off the regular price!
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What is a Meerkat?

When it comes to choosing outdoor animal statues, you want to choose animals that will not be found in every garden space.  There are a number of animals to choose from, depending The Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculptureon the theme you choose.  One furry creature that is seen often enough is the meerkat.  But not many people know its true meaning.  Meerkats are used in a variety of settings, and have been seen as characters in everything from The Lion King to fantasy novels.  A meerkat statue in your home is a way of implementing a wild animal theme, without going as fierce as say, a tiger.  Here are some ways to do so.

Who didn’t fall in love with Timon the Meerkat in The Lion King series?  You can bring Timon right into your own back yard with a meerkat sculpture that creates the scene just perfectly.  If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, Meerkats that hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil as you welcome your guests will be a delight for anyone you invite to your home.

For those that don’t know what a Meerkat is, it is easy to shy away from something that looks a little pesky.  However, these adorable fur creatures while they are known for their peskiness, it is this very quality that endears them to all ages.  Invite a Meerkat into your home or garden and create a whimsical enchanting place by doing so.
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Egyptian Decor Celebrates the Holiday in Style

Grand Stone Egyptian Sphinx StatueThere are many people who like to embody the era of a religious holiday, even if they are not religious.  If you would like to capture this in your outdoor decor, but do not subscribe to any one faith, one way you can do so is with Egyptian home decor.  This is a way that you can capture the setting of the holiday season, without making an overt religious statement.  The days of Pharaoh are also known as the days of Christ, and adding these elements into your home or exterior decorations will embody this sentiment, without making a religious statement.

Our resin garden statues are now on sale, and are an affordable way to add the touch of Pharaoh into your outdoor holiday decor. The beauty of a piece such as a Grand Stone Phinx is that it makes a very regal and symbolic holiday statement, without the religious connotations.  Another way to accomplish the same task is with some Egyptian wall art that you can use either outdoors or indoors to make the same statement without saying a word.

If you want to truly stand out from your neighbors during the holiday season by adding a hint of Egypt into your home, another option you have is by adding a touch of the wild.  Our gorgeous tiger sculpture will make a stunning statement that embodies a true African motif symbolic to the Egyptian era of Pharaohs. 

Decorating for the holidays is never easy, particularly if you want to stand out. Stand out and stay on budget by enjoying Egyptian pieces that are now on sale, and add that symbolic element to your holiday decor at the same time.

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Give an Animal Sculpture to Your Favorite Survivor Fan

The popular CBS television show has created quite the kingdom of Survivor lovers all over the world.  Many fans of this show have attempted to recreate their own world of Survivor through their home décor.  If you have a Survivor fan on your gift giving list this holiday season, there are ways that you can honor that for them by giving them a gift that is sure not to be replicated by someone else.  Here are some suggestions!

Prowling Tiger StatueThe African themed season of Survivor is one that is loved and remembered well by most fans.  The livestock shown in that season is one of the most symbolic and memorable components of that season.  What better way to put a little bit of Survivor Africa into the home of a recipient than through a gift such as a tiger sculpture or outdoor animal statues?

Outdoor elephant statues for a Survivor fan will serve many purposes as well, especially if they are also a gardener!  Elephants are not just symbolic to Africa, but symbolic of hope and wellness upon a home as well, and the perfect and affordable gift for the Survivor fan on your list.

If you want to give a gift that will truly be remembered, not just through the holiday season, but all year long as well, animal statues or gifts will be cherished by any Survivor fan on your list.  Make a wild statement without using a wild budget and give the perfect gift at the same time!

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