From Hedgehogs to an Eagle and a Camel

Hyper Hedgehogs Garden StatueThere are so many fun and interesting sculptures that can be placed in your flower garden and around your hedges to give them a spark of life.  Of course, our gnomes, frogs and hand painted tiger sculpture all are great choices, but how about some hedgehogs for your hedges.  We have a great Hyper Hedgehogs Garden Statue.  These two adorable hedgehogs are sculpted with prickly furry backs and they are just rolling around together.

Our Basil Street Gallery is not to be missed because there is gallery quality art in this section for every part of your home.  The Rising Eagle Native American Wall Sculpture is a foot high and is a detailed sculpture of a Native American warrior rising above a strong eagle with its wings extended.  The artist’s intention was to show the spirit of the warrior and the strength of an eagle in this wonderfully hand painted wall piece.

The theme of Ancient Egypt is one that is not always seen in furniture, yet Design Toscano has a wide selection of Egyptian tables to choose from if this is your interest.  A very popular piece is The Kasbah Camel Sculptural Side Table which is 16” tall and is a finely detailed sculpture of a camel with a saddle ready to carry goods into the desert.  He’s also ready for your drinks or snacks.

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Egyptian and French Figures

Gods of the Egyptian RealmAll of these items are a part of our sale collection.

Many pieces of Egyptian art glorify the Egyptian gods.  We have exquisite statues, finely detailed and sculpted in our Gods of the Egyptian Realm Statues.  These wonderfully made statues feature Horus, Anubis, Serqet, Sekhmet, and of course the famous Tutenkhamen.  The statues stand about 8 ½ “ tall and are hand painted with an ebony and faux gold finish.  You can buy the set or add to your collection one statue at a time. 

Gigi the Garden Giraffe StatueAll of our outdoor statues, such as our Greek garden statues,  are done with exacting care by the artist whether they are an original piece or a replica of an antique sculpture.  The French Pleurant Statue is a replica of a 15th Century French sculpture.  The figure is completely covered in veils and appears to be sad and crying, yet at the same time the piece has a feeling of serenity.

Now is a great time to buy one of our realistically hand painted animal statues like our tiger sculpture.  All of these pieces are sculpted showing animal movement and expressive faces. A great piece for the area around your shrubbery is Gigi, the Garden Giraffe Statue.  This is a depiction of a seated giraffe, twisting her long neck to look at everything that is happening around her.  She is 3 ½ feet tall.

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Egyptian Table, Renaissance Chair

Egyptian Pharaoh's Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table StatueThere were many lovely sculptures and treasures in Ancient Egypt and we have many of them in our Egyptian Tables collection.  For a good sized side table, there is the Egyptian Pharaoh’s Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table Statue.  This piece consists of an exquisitely sculpted statue done in fiberglass reinforced resin and hand painted in faux gold, silver and ebony.  He is a servant dressed in an Egyptian headdress and stands 36 ½” tall.  The table top is his tray that he is holding out waiting for libations and snacks to be placed there.

You might think that our greenmen collection is made up of only woodsy outdoor statues, but nothing could be farther from the truth.   This collection contains some wonderful pieces of furniture such as the DeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair.  This chair is hand carved in mahogany wood and is an excellent, exclusive replica of a 16th Century Italian chair not often seen outside museums.

People love to decorate the yards of their beach houses with items from the sea and we have several of these.  All of our animal sculpture is realistically done, like our popular tiger sculpture, and one that is great for the beach house is the Ocean’s Perch Pelican Statue.  This statue is 2 feet tall and depicts two gorgeous pelicans standing on a wooden piling.  Sculpted in resin and hand painted, they come realistically to life and the piling looks like a weathered wooden dock.

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For Fun in Your Garden: Gnomes and Cubs

Your garden should have some element of fun and cuteness in it and we can supply that for you in spades.  Our garden statue gnomes are great fun and are always doing something different, but usually useful.  We have the gnome cook in our What’s for Dinner? Garden Gnome Statue.  As we all know, gnomes love to eat and here is the guy that puts the food on the table.  He is a typical gnome with a pointed red hat and long beard, but he is wearing an apron and holding a picture of tonight’s dinner.  It looks good to his puppy friend.

Lioness with Cub StatueSome of our animals are cute whether they are adult or babies, like our Meerkat sculpture.  When it comes to the lion in the jungle, however, we don’t often see them in a cute or sentimental pose.  We do have one here in the Lioness with Cub Statue.  The mother lioness is taking her wayward cub home where he will be safe and can get his dinner, just like any thoughtful mom.  The lioness and cub are well detailed in sculpture and realistically hand painted.  The cub is cute as can be.

The Design Toscano wild animal statue collection is second to none and some of the most beautiful of them all are our tiger sculpture.  The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Sitting Tiger Cub Statue is tall and brave, but also unbelievably cute with his hand painted coat and lovely face.

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Large Animal Statues

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueOur amazing Fourth of July Sale, 20% off everything continues until July Fifth.

Sale time is a great time to explore our large outdoor statues.  We have a section called “Extraordinary Statues” where we have our Bigfoot statu  and it also contains some wonderful large African animals such as Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Statue.   This statue is nearly 8 feet tall and is one of the tallest statues in the Design Toscano collection.  Like all of our beautiful realistic animals, Mombasa is totally hand painted and can peer in your neighbors’ windows.

Lioness of Namibia StatueOur other outdoor animal statues are also very realistic like our tiger sculpture and lion statues.  A statue that depicts a lioness just relaxing in a tree is our Lioness of Nambia Statue.  This wonderfully hand painted, natural appearing lioness can rest in your garden or even on your mantel.  The statue comes with two keyhole slots so that she can be securely placed anywhere that the queen of the jungle belongs.

Design Toscano large animals are not only from Africa like our outdoor elephant sculpture, but we also have some great pieces from the Americas.  One such grand piece is The Great White Buffalo Sculpture by artist Samuel Lightfoot.  This is the sacred buffalo of the Sioux nation done in great detail in a hand painted two toned finish.  The artist was inspired by Native American art to create this wonderful representation of the sacred symbol of harmony.

Fourth of July Sale
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A Greenmen Witch, Baby Sea Lions and Dragons

Weekend Sale June 24th through June 26th

Please remember that our Weekend Sale, June 24th through June 26th will be featuring our Classic Garden collection.  The greenmen are often a part of this collection and this might be the weekend to come and view some of these unusual statues and wall figures.  One that is a lot of fun and wonderfully made is The Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenman Wall Sculpture.  You can decorate your garden wall with this foot and one half detailed sculpture of a rather ugly witch wearing a wonderful witch’s hat surrounded by poison ivy leaves.  In typical greenman fashion, she is unusual but wonderful.

Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal StatuesAll of our animal sculpture is detailed and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  Many of our artists have been working hard at making the animal offspring equally great and just a little bit cuter.  A fine example is our Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal Statues.  These three little sea lion pups are basking on a rock with one that is floating around nearby.  You can put them in water because they literally float; fun for the koi pond or any other water feature.  They have the great detail and beautiful hand painting of all our animal sculpture.

Summer always seems to be a time for gift giving from graduations to birthdays and weddings.  For the graduate there is no better place to look than in our gargoyle gifts section.  Here you find things that will make the grad’s new office just a little different such as The Desktop Dragon Hatchlings: Set of Three.  Here you have three little dragons just being born and still wearing parts of their eggshells.  Who would expect that on an office desk?

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Cute Bear Cubs and Elephant Sculpture

Many people have collections of elephant statues and those who feel they bring good luck gather all sizes, from outdoor elephant statues to smaller pieces in their indoor décor.  To be sure of good luck, we present our Elephants of Fortune Sculpture which are shown in a golden finish with raised trunks for good luck.  These three elephants are sculpted in great detail and stand about a foot and a half stacked upon each other.

Ragnar: Garden Dancer Troll StatueWe pride ourselves on having unusual statues such as our Big Foot sculpture and prehistoric animal sculpture.  One that you won’t see in every garden is the Rangar: Garden Dancer Troll Statue.  This big bellied troll is having a good time dancing in the garden and looking as different as anything.  He’s over a foot tall, is beautifully hand painted and is a Design Toscano exclusive, of course.

Cute animals have a place in every yard and garden.  Certainly our popular Meerkat sculpture always has a home in someone’s yard as do our silly gophers and adorable tiger cubs.  Now welcome another cute animal to the group, this is our Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.  These two little bear cubs are trying to find their balance on a log and holding on with bear claws.  They are well detailed and as always, beautifully hand painted. 

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From Basil Street to Gargoyle Gifts

Westminster, the Iron Desk GargoyleThere are so many great things in our Basil Street Gallery that it might take a lifetime to discover them all.  We have all the décor themes from medieval to contemporary and some that just can’t be categorized.  For those many fans of our fairy statues, we have a wonderful set of glass panels that show the garden fairies in marvelous splendor.  The Secret Garden Fairies Hand Painted Glass Art Panels: Harmony and Simplicity are unusual stained glass window hangings depicting the fairies under gorgeous flowers.  Simplicity carries a bouquet and Harmony is wrapped with a garland of flowers.  They are sold separately or as a set.

There are times that you want to give a useful gift, but also something people don’t see every day.  Nothing is more useful than a pencil and pen holder for a desk even in this computer age.  Westminster, the Iron Desk Gargoyle is certainly not something you see every day.  He is a winged gargoyle wearing chains and a rather nasty expression who holds pens and pencils.  Done in foundry iron, he is a good value for price and great for your boss.

The Design Toscano tiger sculpture is well sculpted and always done in wonderful hand painting.  When thinking of a tiger sculpture might think of the tiger prowling your yard, but you can bring this same great sculpture indoors with the Solitary Predator Bengal Tiger Sculptural Bust.  Here we have the same detailed, hand painted tiger sculpture as bust of the head of the Bengal Tiger. 

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A Swimming Elephant Statue Plus Sweet Lambs

in For a Swim Elephant Lawn SculptureWhen you picture large or small outdoor elephant statues, you would generally picture an elephant with his trunk raised high and in a walking stance.  Even our wonderful outdoor elephant table has that stance.  However, the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture is actually three pieces of beautifully hand painted designer resin sculpture.  When placed in your yard, it shows the rear, back and head of the elephant with tusks and trunk and looks as though the rest is underwater.  This is an exclusive and great fun.

Our animal sculpture is all wonderfully hand painted with the animal musculature sculpted in great detail, such as our tiger sculpture.  We have lions and tigers and bears plus more.  There are several enjoyable farm animals in our collection such as Yorkshire Lambs Garden Statues: Sitting Lamb & Standing Lamb.  These are baby lambs, hand painted in our excellent detailed tradition and look like they are part of a wooly herd in your yard.  Again these are Design Toscano exclusives.

We have a penchant for producing wonderful large statues that have the same fine sculptural details of our smaller statues.  Certainly our large Buddha statues are an example of that.  For the many gargoyle lovers out there, we now present a large gargoyle statue.  This is Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons Gargoyle Statue and he is not for the faint of heart.  He sits on a great plinth and stares with scorn at the world around him.  Do you dare put him in your yard?

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Animal and Reptile Sculpture

Vanishing Vision Cheetah SculptureWe are known for own our incredible lifelike animal sculptures like our tiger sculpture which are done in dynamic detail showing all the animalistic musculature.  One of our animal sculptures is done three dimensionally with a faux bronze finish and that is the Vanishing Vision Cheetah Sculpture.  The artist has sculpted an image that captures the speed of the cheetah and shows wonderful detail of his body.  This marvelous sculpture is now on sale and would make a great gift.

Parade of Pachyderms SculptureYou should never skip our Basil Street Gallery when looking for interesting and well-designed items to accessorize your home décor.  Among the sculpture that would dress up a table nicely, y take a look at the Parade of Pachyderms Sculpture.  This sculpture of five elephants, one large one and four smaller one, depicts the elephants scampering a little with their trunks raised.  Every piece was hand painted and creates the true look of the African elephant.

One of the favorites of Design Toscano is our Meerkat sculpture of these playful cats in many interesting poses.  Another sculpture that we have that may soon also become a favorite is  Iggy is hand painted in several iguana colors that highlight his changeability and he has been extraordinarily well detailed such that people looking at him will be waiting for him to move.

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Tigers and Goddesses for Dad

The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Bengal Tiger StatueThe Design Toscano Father’s Day Sale is starting on June 7th and perhaps it’s time to pick up some garden décor with dad in mind.  Everyone loves our lifelike tiger sculpture and nothing is more majestic than the Bengal Tiger in our Grand-Scale Wildlife Collection.   This tiger is nearly eight feet long and there is nothing more manly than this wonderfully detailed and lifelike sculpture stalking your yard.  Dad will love it.

Our Basil Street Gallery has something for everyone with its wide selection of various themed statues.  Perhaps dad is looking for a little good luck this year and if so, this God of Good Fortune Statue might do the trick.  He is a foot and a half tall and is clutching Chinese money.   Will he really lead to good fortune? Place him in an honorable area of your home and he might. 
When shopping during the Father’s Day Sale (June 7th) you can do no better than to browse through our collection of Egyptian tables.  Dads often appreciate intriguingly different items and what man can turn down a goddess.  Perhaps he might like The Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-topped Table which depicts the goddess kneeling down dressed in her golden headdress.  Upon her head is a sacred scarab which holds the 16” diameter glass top. 

Remember to look for these great items and many more for dad in our FATHER’S DAY SALE starting June 7th and ending on June 9th.

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Big Foot Garden Statue and Other Wonders

Design Toscano has always been extremely proud of our exclusive sculpture Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue.  Obviously this guy has some big feet that can really extend through your yard.  He is also sculpted in design resin with realistic (do we know what he looks like?) fur and facial features.  Soon the media will be on your lawn after your neighbors report the Yeti sighting in your yard.

Goliath the Gargoyle SculptureGargoyles are so popular in these days of vampire stories and things of the supernatural. 
Our gargoyle figurines are the best that you can find to add some of this magic to your yard or home. Goliath the Gargoyle Sculpture is taking a nap at your home stretching out to about one and a half feet.  He seems peaceful and serene, but don't wake him up for anything.

Animal statues are a great favorite from domestic pets like cats and dogs, to our perky frogs and not too perky turtles and our fine jungle cats like our tiger sculpture.  There's a new cat in town and it's stalking its prey in your yard, this is our Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue.  This fantastic muscular cat is sculpted on a tree trunk looking for prey.  The statue is over four feet tall and so lifelike your guests will hide their dogs. 

Take advantage of serious savings with our Memorial Day sale!  Get 20% off of everything until 5/31/11!

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Ancient Temples

At Design Toscano we have an Egyptian tables collection that is second to none.  These beautifully designed tables are a tribute to the ancient Egyptian culture and time period.  One of the most magnificent of these is the Egyptian Temple of Khafre Ornamental Side Table.  This bas relief table encompasses Anubis, ancient priests of Egypt and hieroglyphs all hand painted throughout its design.  The table is another wonderful Design Toscano exclusive.

Purr Wall SculptureYou can have a piece of the ancient Roman Forum on your tabletop thanks to the designers in our always interesting Basil Street Gallery.  The Roman Forum Columns Set has one piece that is a replica of the Temple of Vespasian as a corner piece and another piece that is a replica of the Temple of Castor and Pollux, which is a straight column piece.  These pieces, which are done in designer resin, can be bought separately or as a set to add the ancient Roman touch to your home.

All cats believe that they are gods and goddesses and your home is their temple.  Even our realistic tiger sculpture cats prance around like they own the yard and you are their guests.  Now you can praise the cat as they deserve with the Purr Wall Sculpture hanging in a prominent place in your home.  Artist Ann Zeleny designed this Design Toscano exclusive wall sculpture to capture the meditation in the cat's purr.  You will love this piece and your cat will be glad you finally understand his/her divinity.

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Cats of all Styles

Silk and Satin Feline SculpturesEverywhere there are thousands of cat lovers and not just small domestic cats, but the large jungle variety also.  In our Basil Street Gallery, we have a cat sculpture that will please all cat lovers and might make a great gift.  These are the Silk and Satin Feline Sculptures which are two tall lean cats sculpted in resin with a bronze finish.  They are doing what cats do best, looking at the world disdainfully.

The Design Toscano tiger sculpture delights all due to its hand painted The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cubcoat and well sculpted musculature.  Of course, if the adult tigers are delightful, the tiger cubs are even more so.  The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cub will create quite a stir in your yard.  This little cub is hanging on a tree limb for dear life where his mom probably put him to keep him safe from other animals.  This well made little darling is another exclusive sculpture to Design Toscano.

Lions are cats too and we have many outstanding sculptures and wall plaques depicting the king of the jungle.  In the style of our Greek garden statues, we have the Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor Statue.  There are two of these, one with right foot forward and one with left foot forward, whichever fits your manor the best. 
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African Safari

Even if you have never been on an African safari, you can decorate your house and yard as if it was one.  We have many great African animal sculptures that are truly lifelike and when scattered around your yard, it will feel like the Serengeti.  Design Toscano is known for its wonderfully detailed tiger sculpture, but how about another striped animal.  One such sculpture is Zarien the Zebra Sculpture.  This beautiful animal stands proudly at almost three feet tall and watches all that is going on around him.  He is another of our Design Toscano exclusives.

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatuteWe have many statues of all types of animals from the not too exotic tortoise statue to our very exotic African animal collection.  In keeping with the theme of African animals in your yard, we might suggest our Prowling Spotted Jaguar Statute.  This jaguar is about four feet long and has the very distinct spots hand painted on his coat.  He is muscular and sleek and another Design Toscano exclusive design.

Bring the exotic animals inside and make your home décor pop with style.  We have many different table series such as our Gothic tables that are just a little bit out of the ordinary.  The Maharajah Elephant Glass-Topped Sculptural Table is another Design Toscano exclusive and is a wonderful elephant dressed to carry a king or at least a cocktail.  With all these exclusives, why would you shop elsewhere.
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Large, Medium and Small Statues

Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden SculptureNo matter what size your home is or your outdoor space, Design Toscano has a statue that is just the right size for you.  A large garden area is supremely suited to our large Buddha statue.  We have several of these that can fit right in and give serenity to a grand amount of space.  One statue that we are proud of is the Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden Sculpture.  This Buddha is four feet tall and even at that size, due to the wonderful detail of the sculpture; he casts a mist of calm all around him.

All of our animals are very lifelike whether they are marble, bronze or resin painted.  Of course, we have animals in all different sizes and for the medium space there is nothing more adorable than our Lying Down Tiger Cub Statue.  All of our tiger sculpture is amazingly lifelike and this guy is no exception with his hand painted stripes and his hint of smile.  He's ready for a romp in the yard.

Our small statues are just as lovely and detailed as the grand ones and have so many places to be such as on a tabletop, in a small garden or on the patio.  A favorite one is the Talisman Gargoyle of the Eclipse Statue.  He is one of our nicely sculpted gargoyle figurines done by Liam Manchester as a Design Toscano exclusive.  The figure is done in resin with an evil face, big wings and of course he has horns.

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Sculpted Animals

Design Toscano has a reputation for its lifelike and realistically sculpted animals.  Many of these animals, such as our tiger sculpture, can run in your garden and others may grace your indoor space.  One of our more unusual pieces is the Indonesian Tiger Wall Sculpture.  This large sculpture of a Indonesian Tiger head is another of our Design Toscano exclusives.  He is shown with great detail in the markings of his fur and face and you might get the impression that he has the power to jump right off your wall.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - LargeDuring our 20% off Garden Sale, you will probably be trying to get as many of the things that make your garden fun and maybe a little quirky as possible.  There is nothing more quirky than our meerkat sculpture.  One of the best examples of these is our Meerkat Garden Stake Sets which come with either 3 or 6 Meerkat stakes.  These adorable stakes can be set anywhere in the garden, near each other or just a Meerkat popping up here or there around the yard.

Sometimes you want to take things slow and easy in the garden or patio, just kick back and chill.  There is nothing that inspires a slow and easy day like our Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture.  This guy just appears to meander around the garden, poking his head out and observing all that is going on.
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Outdoor Animals in Bronze

Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its lifelike animal statuary such as the tiger statue.  These statues look wonderful in a grassy yard or outdoor space.  One of our other outdoor animals might look good on a patio, but not too close to the grill.  This is our Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden Statue.  This lion is so regal looking that you might want to build him a throne and so well sculpted that every muscle glistens.

We have popular playful animal sculptures like our Meerkat statue and the Meerkat families that romp in the yard.  You might, however, want something to guard the chickens like our Fanciful Fox Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. The Fanciful Fox is well detailed and strong looking, yet you get the feel that he could be away in flash.

Many animals like to be in and out of water or near a water pond like our tortoise statue does.  If you don't have room for or don't really want a pond that needs a lot of maintenance, you can achieve the same feel with one of our small ponds with animals.  One the cutest of these vignettes is the Ducklings with Basin Bronze Garden Statue.  This is a wonderful little scene with the ducklings playing around and in the basin and looks great near a flower garden.
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The Castle by the Sea SculptureDesign Toscano is having a great MOTHER'S DAY SALE with 20% off the whole site from April 26th through April 30th.  This is the time to buy mom the great indoor or outdoor décor that she has always wanted.  She will like our many knight statues, but what about a castle.  The Castle by the Sea Sculpture is a wonderful recreation of the type of sand castles that we all would have liked to make if we were artists.  Mom can remember her times going to beach with her mom and with her kids with this great sculpture.

Many moms love animals and we have wonderful lifelike animal sculpture like our tiger sculpture and other wild animals.  If mom is a dog lover, she might like to have a nice sculpture in her yard or patio like the adorable Lifting a Leg Naughty Boston Terrier Dog Statue.  This statue has a red fire hydrant and an adorable, lifelike Boston Lifting a Leg Naughty Boston Terrier Dog StatueTerrier doing what a dog would do at a hydrant.  This one will cause a lot of comment and smiles.

What mother would not love a statue that depicts children playing, gardening or even hanging from tree limbs.  In the style of our Greek garden statues, we have several marble statues of children wonderfully sculpted by our artists.  The Hide and Seek Garden Sculpture will remind mom of all the kids playing outside in the summer's evenings, running and hiding around the yard. 

The sale begins April 26th and runs through April 30th and is 20% of the entire site.

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Animals and Wee Folk

Prowling Tiger StatueOur tiger sculpture is just amazing and needs to be seen to be appreciated.  We have sleek prowling lifelike looking adult tigers walking around the yard or sleeping in the shade.  You can perhaps picture some of the cute little tiger cubs prancing around the table, yet so quiet and immovable they are no danger at all.  We also have one tiger statue which is not done in the lifelike tiger veneer, but is sculpted in metal showing off all of his great musculature by the artist Antoine Louis-Bayre.  This is the elegant Prowling Tiger that overshadows all others outside.

If tortoises or turtles do not naturally visit your yard, you can add a tortoise statue to your décor.  We have tortoises in all sizes from the large Galapagos tortoise to the smaller but cute Aesop's tortoise.  If you are contemplating building a tranquil space we have two tranquil tortoises, one large and one giant, the Tranquil Tortoise Sculpture Giant is pictured here.

Brittany, the English Fairy SculptureA garden fairy statue or more can brighten up the outdoor décor.  We have these sculptures in marble, bronze and other materials that give these fairies life and fancy.  One of the most beautiful of these is Brittany the English Fairy Sculpture with the great butterfly wings who can bring charm and grace into any space.
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