Creating Serenity in Your Garden With Accent Pieces

Many people that embark on a landscape design adventure do so with the intention of creating an outdoor space that is something they can escape to, or entertain in with tranquility.  If this is your vision for your outdoor living space, there are a number of ways to do so with the addition of a simple accent piece.  Whether your outdoor theme is Egyptian, Greek, or a simple garden plan, an accent piece can transform any outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.  Here is how to create the serenity in the garden of your dreams.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - GiantThere is nothing more serene than the beauty of a Greek goddess, and this is making Greek garden statues very popular right now. Tuck away the birth of Venus in one of your landscape corners and enjoy her calming effects as she watches over your gardens.

Animals are revered in many cultures and design motifs and are a stunning way to create a retreat in your backyard.  The tranquil tortoise statue is a symbol of good fortune that reportedly will bring you and your outdoor space years of happiness. Elephant pieces in your outdoor space are also symbolic for imparting wisdom and serenity and have been used to create this ambience in centuries old cultures.

Whether you choose to create serenity subtly through one of these accent pieces, or in a broader statement through religious outdoor statues will depend entirely on your garden theme and personality. 

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A Snake, Iguana and Elephant

Giant Burmese Python Snake StatueWhen one thinks of an extraordinary type statue what comes to mind?  Perhaps our Big Foot garden statue or even an alien statue, but what if you were thinking of an animal that actually exists in some part of the world, what would that statue be like?  Well it certainly might be like the Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue which is eight feet of colorfully and authentically sculpted, hand painted python.  We think that this lovely python will make people walk a little bit away from your yard.

We love our reptiles here at Design Toscano and naturally we make them as lifelike as possible, an example being our tortoise sculpture.  While tortoises and turtles are actually seen every now and then, how would you like a reptile that would bring the tropical rain forest to your yard.  This exotic guy is the Tropical Iguana Sculpture who stands over a foot tall and is now on sale.  He is hand painted in the greens, yellows and a little pink of the reptile of the rain forest and he sports a pouched chin and is sculpted in excellent detail.

If you know someone who absolutely loves our great outdoor elephant statues and collects every elephant they see, then we have the perfect gift for them.  A very dignified and lovely walking stick called the Elephant Pewter Walking Stick because the handle is an elephant head elaborately sculpted out of solid pewter.  The stick itself is polished hardwood and would make an excellent collectible.

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Vampire Bats, Winged Skeleton and a Gargoyle

Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal WeathervaneDesign Toscano is well known for its many varied sculptures for outside from Greek gods to charming dragons.  Of course we continue this tradition with our Halloween themed outdoor sculptures of which the Crescent Moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane: Garden Stake is a fine example.  Bats, bats and more bats are surrounding the crescent moon on this weathervane which can be set as a weathervane or as a garden stake.  It is made of aluminum for its rust free nature, but finished in a dark and stormy black.

Babble, The Gothic Gargoyle StatueThis is not the time of year to be thinking of our adorable garden cherub statues (although they are lovely).  Now you need to delve into our somewhat darker winged sculptures like the Kiss of Death Winged Skeleton Statue. The story depicted here, inspired by a 1930’s statue from Barcelona, is a lovely maiden kneeling down, but alas her suitor is a bony, winged skeleton giving the kiss of death. 

We try to always put a little fun and cuteness into many of our statues like our extremely cute tortoise sculpture.  If you thought we couldn’t put some fun into a gargoyle, then you will be surprised when you see the slightly goofy Babble, the Gothic Gargoyle Sculpture.  This gargoyle is actually smiling, although showing some sharp teeth, and is about a foot tall.  He won’t scare the kids and makes a great addition to Halloween décor.

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Skulls and Sculpture for Halloween


Skulls Spire Lighted Sculpture Now is the perfect time to look for garden items that have more of a Halloween feel to them.  Instead of buying a nicely designed and lovely tortoise statue, how about picking up a gargoyle or even buy both.  The Winston Gargoyle Sculpture comes in three sizes and is just ready to put a little scare in your yard.  Done in designer resin with a gray finish, this guy is great at putting the trick into trick or treat.

While they have some similarities to our wonderful garden fairies, the witches that we have brought out for this Halloween season are not quite as innocent.  One that is a real eye catcher is the Mistress Raven Sculpture.  Yes, she has fantastic wings, but she is a little like a fairy gone Goth with her dark eyes, black high heel boots, long black gloves and little else.  She’s 11 inches of sheer mistress of the dark.

Many of you have bought some of our furniture which is a little out of the ordinary like our Egyptian tables or things medieval.  Now that Halloween is on the way we have the perfect lighting item for you to place on these tables.  We present the Skulls Spire Lighted Sculpture which is a 2 ft. tower of skulls with a orb light on top.  Our skulls are sculpted with the same detail and love that our artists use on other sculpture and would be just perfect at your Halloween party.

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Cute Frog Statues and Caesar’s Lions

Crouching Frog Bronze Garden StatueOur amphibian statues are some of the most remarkable of the many nature statues that we have such as our tortoise statue.  In our bronze statue section you will find some other wonderful amphibians also, such as the Crouching Frog Bronze Garden Statue: Small.  What a distinctive face this guy has, the artist caught him just right hanging on a lily pad looking for flies.  He’s 8” long and is cast in solid bronze, also piped to be a fountain.

In the area of Egyptian décor, Design Toscano is second to none from furniture and statues to wall art.  A lovely wall piece is the Icons of the Egyptian Realm Wall Sculpture; this is a bas relief of the Isis and the sphinx and finished in a metallic cast.  Over a foot wide, the black and metallic shades are a classic on any wall.

Now that you are eyeing your interior décor with a look to possibly making some additions or a total change, you should browse our Egyptian tables, chairs and other furniture which are always unique.  A great chair is Caesar’s Royal Lions Hand-carved Throne Chair now on sale.  Hand carved in hardwood, this chair is hand painted in faux gold and ebony with exquisite carvings of Egyptian and Roman symbols on the back and sides with gold claw feet.  Not everyone will have one of these.

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A Unicorn and a Red-Eyed Frog

We have several statues of mythical legend such as our Bigfoot statue and, who knows that one might not be mythical.  A beautiful statue is The Enchanted Unicorn Sculpture celebrating the mystical creature well beloved by all.  This Design Toscano exclusive statue is over a foot tall, sculpted in extraordinary detail and hand painted in pastels. have many sculptures of reptiles, like lizards and other small creatures like our popular tortoise statue.  A new guy on the block is this adorable and intriguing Red-Eyed Tree Frog Statue.  The frog with bulging red eyes has traveled from the Amazon rainforest and is distinctively hand painted in bright green and yellow colors.  He can be fitted anywhere, but will find a place in your heart.

Our animals are very often hand painted in the colors of nature, like our outdoor elephant statues in gray with large white tusks.  However we do have several sculptures done in bronze that show off the incredible detail that the artist put into creating the animal.  One of these detailed and also fun animals is the Long Necked Goose Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  The goose’s long neck gives it a feel of high fashion and at the same time the detailed webbed feet are ready for a splash.  You even have the option of having it flow water from its beak.
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Large and Very Different Sculpture


Authentic Replica British Telephone BoothWe are very proud of our collection of "extraordinary" statues which includes many dinosaurs and of course our marvelous Big Foot Garden Statue.  However, the collection is not just about animals, it is also about great statues and replicas that you won’t see anywhere else like the Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth.  The booth is created out of solid pine wood and has the royal crown displayed at the top.  There are 72 hand crafted windows and the booth is hand painted in British red.  This is a great conversation piece for your home.

Another of our “extraordinary” statues is a tortoise statue, but not just any tortoise; it is The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Galapagos Tortoise Statue.  This amazing statue is over five feet long and is incredibly realistically sculpted.  He is depicted lifting his head and looking around your yard, possibly wondering where he is. 

Our grand animals are incredibly amazing and many, like our outdoor elephant statues, are very realistic.  Some, however, are created in a solid tone which accentuates the careful sculpting of the animal’s musculature and pose.  One such statue is the Majestic Horse Sculpture which is four feet long and four feet tall.  He is cast in designer resin and his beautiful body is covered in bronze patina.  This statue is a must have for all horse lovers.

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Fun with Animal and Lizard Statues

Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden StatueEverything that is a little creepy and crawly can be found in our animal and reptile collection, from the stately tortoise statue to leaping frogs and climbing lizards.  Now is a great time to pick up one of the crawlies in our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th. .  One great little guy for your patio or deck might be our Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden Statue.  He is done in strong cast iron and sits on a lovely light rock, just sunning away and having a lazy time.

People are always talking about our cute and lifelike animal sculptures which are done in realistic detail and all hand painted, like our Meerkat statue.  We now have a new collection of marvelous puppies in various breeds and one of the cutest is our Dalmation Puppy Dog Statue.  He is hand painted and shows his spots, but the really interesting element is his eyes, they actually seem to be looking back at you.  You can pick up this cute puppy and many other things at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Large animals are certainly a Design Toscano forte such as our giraffes, dinosaurs and outdoor elephant statues.  We also have one that perhaps is not quite as majestic, but extremely eye catching.  This is our Bad Intentions Giant Warthog Garden Statue who stands 27” tall and has the eyes of a gargoyle.  He has a long snout and great horns and while not the prettiest thing in the garden, he’ll be the most discussed.  Get him at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

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Waylen Pond Ducks and a Raptor Gargoyle

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The Ducks of Waylen Pond Statues: Set of TwoOur catalog is full of wonderfully sculpted pond creatures like our tortoise statue and our many adorable jumping and spitting frogs.  Now you can add another adorable creature to the list, The Ducks of Walen Pond Statues: Set of Two, one of which is just standing and gazing around while the other one has wings spread and is ready for takeoff.  The ducks, which are done in designer resin, are hand painted in a light two tone and great effort was made to create their wings, feathers and faces to match nature. 

The zoo animals of Design Toscano are captured by our artists in many distinguished and fun poses, like our young tiger sculpture which climb trees and bask in the sun.  A new guy on the block is Oswald the Baby Orangutan Statue with an incredibly ugly yet adorable face and a pear in his hand.  He is cast in a sitting position and looks ready to play at any time and everyone will want to take him home on sight.

There is nothing that adds to your medieval décor like a gargoyle and we have many lovely gargoyle figurines to choose from.  If you want something that can guard your yard, you might like our Raptor, Gargoyle Surveyor of the Realm Sculpture.  The base of the sculpture is a medieval spire upon which our gargoyle is climbing and looking out over the land.  The statue is 30” high and the gargoyle has wings spread, fine scaly legs and claws with a face that would stop a clock.

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Interesting Animal Sculpture from Gators to Skunks

Fearless Floating Gator SculptureAt Design Toscano, you can find every animal and reptile that you would like to place in an outdoor space or in a fountain pool or koi pond.  Our tortoise statue is a great one to place roaming the yard and another that might scare your neighbors is our Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture.  Yes, this lively looking gator actually floats and you can place him in any water structure.  He is over 3 ft. long has sharp teeth glistening in his open mouth, perhaps looking for some lunch.  He will cause comment.

Our animals from Africa are like no other in size, detail and realism, a fine example of which is our popular outdoor elephant statues.  Another statue that would look great in a garden with the elephants is our South African Rhino Garden Sculpture.  As with all our animal sculpture this great guy is hand painted and looks like he just walked into your yard.  He has gleaming horns and even the wrinkling on his legs look real.
Not all of our animals are large or dangerous looking, some are just extraordinarily cute.  The popular Meerkat sculpture is one of the cutest and now there is a new guy in town, Stinky the Striped Skunk Statue.  You may ask how a skunk can be cute, but one look at the adorable face on this well detailed statue will win your heart.  Fortunately, he also does not spray anything stinky in your yard.

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An Extraordinary Statue and Cute Kittens

This weekend starting August 5th through the August 7th , we have a Free Shipping Weekend of anything over $75.00. Make this the time to get those items you’ve been wanting.

Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome SignWe have a section called “extraordinary” garden statues wherein we have such pieces as the Big Foot garden statue, the dinosaur statues and several other outdoor statues that defy definition.  An interesting piece in this collection is the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.  As harvest time is coming up and we have our free delivery sale, now is the time to take a look at this scarecrow with a skull for a head and something of a lizard, zombie-like body.  He is dressed like any scarecrow and is sculpted in haunting detail and hand painted.

You know that you have wanted to pick up some of our reptile sculpture such as our tortoise statue and now is the perfect time to add something slimy and cute to your garden.  Our Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue is just the thing.  These adorable four frogs of cast iron are stacked one upon the other making the statue 10” high.  They are finished in a green patina and are an exclusive.

So many of our little animals are so cute and have so much personality such as our popular Meerkat sculpture.  Many people love kittens and we have the purrfect welcome sign for them.  The Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome Sign is a sculpture of five adorable kittens done in the fine animal sculpture detail that our artists are known for and are hand painted.  This is a 360 sculpture and when looking at them from behind you can see their tails a wagging.  They are peeking over the top of a handsome WELCOME sign.

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A Trip to the Tropics with Tiki Gods and Parrots

Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three PleasuresDesign Toscano has all kinds of statues from many religions that are well sculpted and intriguing like our large Buddha statue.  If you are looking for a bit of the tropics and want a statue of a god, then feast your eyes on Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three Pleasures now on sale.  These gods look like they might have been to the Tiki bar too often and yet had a really good time.  The statue stands 35 ½ in. high and shows the three Tiki gods carved in a wood grained designer resin.

Parrot Bottle OpenerWhat if you were looking for something as much fun as our tortoise sculpture, but with a tropical flair?  Then you would look directly at our Garden Jazz Frog Musician Statue: Set of Three Frogs.  The three frogs are standing on separate lily pads and are playing a saxophone, flute and fiddle respectively.  They are approximately a foot tall each and can be bought as a set or separately.

We have many, many gift items in our gifts collections some just a little different such as our gargoyle gifts.  If you have a friend that is a Parrothead (follower of Jimmy Buffett) or just someone who loves parrots, this is the gift for them.  It is the Parrot Bottle Opener and no pirate ship would leave home without one.  The parrot is done in tropical colors and opens bottles with his mouth.

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Zombie, Elephant and Dog Statues

Zombies at the Door Wall SculptureThe variety of items at Design Toscano is amazing.  You need to browse our catalog and see all the great things we have and also check out what we’ve got in our new Fall items for 2011.  If you are a fan of some of our weirder items like our Bigfoot statue, you might really enjoy the Zombies at the Door Wall Sculpture. Done with the same detail that our more “classical” sculpture displays, this Zombie appears to be coming right through your wall like the “Night of the Living Dead”. 

We love animals of all kinds and our artists make them look so real it is like they are living in your backyard even if they are giraffes, hippos or our outdoor elephant statues.  Now if you want to take exotic animal sculpture inside, look no further than the Elephant’s Majesty Glass-Topped Cocktail Table.  The base of this table is a sculpture of a mother and baby elephant, with the baby lifting up his trunk up to mom. This sweet sculpture is topped with a sturdy glass top showing the piece in all its beauty.

Highland Terrier Digging Dog StatueDesign Toscano has so many wonderful outdoor animal statues that show our animals in many different poses like our tortoise statue that spits and the shark coming out of the pool.  Some of the cutest poses are when our animals are digging like the Highland Terrier Digging Dog Statue.   All the artist shows is the bum, tail and back legs of this terrier who has his head in a hole after something.

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From Tutankhamen’s Shroud to Splashing Tortoises

If you have not been browsing the Design Toscano marble busts for sale collection, you have been missing out on some wonderful things.  These are not just the typical busts of Greeks and Romans, but something from every different culture.  Here you will find The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust Statue.  This large bust is 27” high and is a Design The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust StatueToscano exclusive.  It is easily recognizable as the golden mask so often representing Tutankhamen exquisitely hand painted.

Many people collect elephant statues, elephant designs and artists’ renderings, such as our wonderful collection of outdoor elephant statues.  Some elephant design is very different and inspired from the continent of Africa such as The Serengeti Wall Mask: Elephant.  This wall mask done by a Nigerian artist has a tribal design and is marvelously carved.  It is, of course, hand painted and features faux gems in the design.

There is something soothing yet incredibly cute about a tortoise statue, be it named tortoise or turtle.  We have a very cute water fountain named Three Turtles on a Coral Reef Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  This adorable fountain depicts the turtles spitting water out of their mouths as they rest on a piece of coral reef, finely detailed in solid bronze.

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From a Large Buddha Statue to a Bunny Rabbit.

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainDesign Toscano has something for everyone, no matter what they might be looking for.  Many customers love our large Buddha statue and have one in a meditation garden for peace and serenity.  To add another element to this serenity, we have the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain adding the sound of water to your peaceful space.  This fountain is 38 ½ inches tall and has water cascading over a figure of the meditative Buddha.  The pool at the bottom of the fountain is lit so that it can be appreciated on a warm summer’s evening.

Many of our customers are owners of our slow moving guy, the tortoise statue.  Now you can own the crazy rabbit that he raced against.  Carotene, the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue is a T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpturefabulous rabbit that stands a foot and a half tall.  He is hand painted in white and has a carrot in his mouth and in case he eats that one he is carrying some for later.  Like all of our animal statues, he is done in great detail and is incredibly cute.

We have many statues of large animals like our outdoor elephant statues and our tall giraffe statues; these are all great representations of living animals.  If, however, you would like something not as ordinary in your yard take a look at the T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpture.  Just like all our other animals, he is lifelike and seems to be living in your garden today.  Won’t your neighbors be surprised.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and More

Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze StatueRemember  the Fourth of July Sale-20% off EVERYTHING-continues through July FIFTH
Now is the time to browse through the most popular of the Design Toscano collection and get a great bargain.  Our religious outdoor statues are incredibly popular and for good reason, they are done respectfully in great detail and help create a peaceful spot in your garden.  The Miraculous Medal Madonna Sacred Garden Statue is a replica of the Italian statue and a Design Toscano exclusive.  She is beautifully hand painted in the traditional blue and white robe and is exquisitely detailed.   The statue stands almost 2 feet tall.

In our marble busts for sale section, we have many more religious statues that would be just the thing for a meditative prayer area in your home.  The Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue depicts the Blessed Mother bowing her head in prayer and has an incredibly peaceful feel. 

This glorious bust is cast in the lost wax method and is standing on a beautiful marble base.
Animals are a great part of the heavenly plan for us even if some, such as a tortoise statue, are not as graceful and beautiful as swifter animals.  Another pair of animals that could use a little love in your garden is our Guinea Birds Solid Bronze Garden Sculptures.  These birds are another sculpture done in the lost wax method and are finely detailed.  They have a lovely antique verdignis patina and can be bought separately or as a pair.
Religious Outdoor Statues and More

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Here Comes the Fourth of July Sale

OUR ANNUAL FOURTH OF JULY SALE starts on June 28th and continues through July 5th.  This great sale will feature 20% off items throughout our entire site.  Start browsing now.

Dancing Shiva Grand-Scale StatueIf you have been looking for a unique Asian god to put in your garden like our Buddha outdoor statues, now is the time to shop for one.  The Hindu god Shiva is not as frequently seen as Buddha as an outdoor ornament, but the Dancing Shiva Grand-Scale Statue is beautiful to behold and can find a place in your outdoor garden or even indoors.  Shiva symbolizes the ebb and flow of life and is dancing in a circle of cosmic energy.  She is hand painted and is four feet tall.  This is a Design Toscano exclusive.

The summer is the time for clam bakes, lobster and crabs, all so delicious eaten outdoors.  To bring this salty theme to your yard we have crustaceans that are as well done and even more fun than our tortoise statue, but with the same hard shell.  These are Tropical Crabs Wall Sculpture: Set of Two and they are colorful crabs that can climb your garden or patio wall.  They are hand painted in a wonderful tropical hue and will make you want a crab cake immediately.

During the Fourth of July Sale is a great time to pick up that gargoyle figurine that you have wanting to complete your décor.   One of the favorites and most attractive (for a gargoyle that is) is Talisman, Gargoyle of the Eclipse Statue.   Almost a foot tall and finished with Gothic green, Talisman is a well detailed  gargoyle, whose evil face and spiked horns will create a stir in your yard.

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A Buddha Frieze and Gargoyle Gifts

Everyone that is interested in increasing the serenity of their outdoor space should take a look through our Buddha outdoor statues.   One of the most unusual of these is a frieze that can be placed on a garden or patio wall.  This is the Earth Witness Buddha Sculptural Wall Frieze depicting the Angkor Khmer Buddha which is sculpted in great detail in designer resin and is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue HolderThere is always something special about a gargoyle gift.  It certainly may not be what the recipient was expecting, but if it is a Design Toscano gargoyle it will be well received.  A very useful and stylish gargoyle gift is Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder.  Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when they search for the toilet paper and find it being held by a scary gargoyle with wide wings sticking his tongue out.  This is fantastic and another exclusive of ours.

Sometimes our various themes of statues mix with each other as in the case of some of animals that find themselves in the gnomes’ garden.   The gnomes are hard-working gardeners and they also love the crawlies that end up in their space such as a tortoise statue.  The Teeter with the Turtles Garden Gnome Statue is one of our gardening gnomes pushing a wheelbarrow on which he is giving a ride to two adorable turtles, both wearing gnome hats.

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Egypt On Sale

Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural TableThe time is here for our Design Toscano Three Day Egyptian Sale.  This sale is 20% off the Egyptian collection from June 16th through June 18th.  Here are some of the items you might want to put on your shopping list.  In our Egyptian tables section, we have the Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.  This large piece has a glass top that is almost a yard wide.  This great table is based with a pictorially sculpted Egyptian  barge done in beautiful detail  with hand painting . It is a 33 pound replica of the one found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Our sculpture pieces are known for great engraving even on simple animals like our tortoise sculpture.  In the Egyptian collection, our artists have gone all out to present the beauty and wonder of that ancient time.  A greatly detailed piece is the Golden Obelisk of Ancient Egypt Statue which is over two feet tall and inscribed with the names of the kings that commissioned it.  This is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop a Egyptian PlinthWe like to do things big and of course we have done that with many of our large unusual statues like the big foot garden statue.  In Egypt everything was done in a large way from the pyramids of Giza to the giant sphinx.  You can have this giant sphinx in your yard with our Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop an Egyptian Plinth.  This piece is more than seven feet long and detailed with hieroglyphs and a wonderful sphinx. 

The 3 Day Egyptian Sale starts on Thursday, June 16th, so make a point to come in and see all the wonders of Egypt.

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A Little Bit of Everything from Design Toscano

Stacked Frogs Cast Iron StatueMany of our well designed reptiles love to have fun in the garden like the tortoise statue does.  We have iguanas, tortoises, turtles, snakes and many fun frogs.  One of our fun frog sculptures is the Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue.  This statue is done in cast iron, so is weighty enough to hold open a door and really attractive in a green patina.  There are four frogs piled one on top of the other from the biggest to the smallest, maybe starting a game of leap frog.

Our garden statues gnomes are sculptures for the yard that work hard, sleep hard and sometimes just want to have fun.  One of their fun sculptures is the Dancing Duo Garden Gnome Statues.  This gnome couple seems to be doing the dosey doe, swinging their partner to music that only they can hear.  They are dressed in traditional gnome with the red hats and the long beard on mister gnome, dancing around your flowers or vegetables.

If you are interested in a medieval theme in your yard, we are always getting more and more medieval statues and artifacts.  A very authentic knight statue is the Replica 13th Century Medieval Warrior Soldier Lost Wax Bronze Statue that stands four feet tall and is cast from a 19th Century French bronze statue. 

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