Greenmen, Meerkats, and Turtles: All So Cute

Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of LeafThere is always something new and fun in our greenmen collection.  This collection is inspired by the trees and leaves all around us.  If you are in the market for a nice gift, the Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of Leaf is a beautiful set of goblets that would suit any gift giving moment.   The sculptural work is done in detailed designer resin, but it surrounds stainless steel removable dishwasher safe inserts.

The Meerkats are always popular because they are so cute and charming.  They always seem to be enjoying themselves at whatever they do.  A very nice example of this is the Meerkat statue entitled Mother and Pup Meerkat Sculpture.  This sculpture is done with our usual lifelike animal sculpture style in quality resin with hand painted fur and facial details.

Sea Turtles Bronze Garden SculptureAmong our wonderful animal statues we have a nice collection of turtles and tortoise statue.  One of the cutest is done in bronze and is piped for use as a fountain or in a pond.  These are the Sea Turtles Bronze Garden Sculpture depicting two swimming turtles cast in solid bronze and spouting water.

Now through June 4 is our Fountain Sale!  Take advantage of great savings!

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Quirky Animal Statues

Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle StatueDesign Toscano is proud of its fun Meerkat sculpture and now we have one that brings the fun inside your home as well as in the yard.  Our Meerkat Clan Sculptural Glass-Topped side table is absolutely the best piece to bring the Meerkat joy indoors.  This table has our favorite well sculpted Meerkat clan, two standing and one lying down, under a tree on which a 18 ½" beveled glass top rests.  A great place for cocktails and snacks and hopefully the Kats won't grab any.

A tortoise statue is usually a sedate item as tortoises and turtles tend to do everything at a pretty slow pace.  However, we do have a statue where the turtles decided to have a little fun.  This is our Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle Statue.  It appears that the big man of this turtle family has gained some baggage with two smaller turtles riding on his back in a turtle stack.  These guys are so lifelike you will expect them to move at any moment and the wonderful hand painted design on their shells will definitely cause comment.

The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil ElephantsOur outdoor elephant statues are second to none and designers are creating new and playful ideas for these pachyderms.  A great one is The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil Elephants another stack of outdoor animals from Design Toscano.  These are the lucky elephants with their trunks up, piled upon one another covering their eyes or ears or mouth.

Love deals?  Then now is the time to shop Design Toscano because we are having our Memorial Day Sale!  20% off Everything until 5/31/11!

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African Safari

Even if you have never been on an African safari, you can decorate your house and yard as if it was one.  We have many great African animal sculptures that are truly lifelike and when scattered around your yard, it will feel like the Serengeti.  Design Toscano is known for its wonderfully detailed tiger sculpture, but how about another striped animal.  One such sculpture is Zarien the Zebra Sculpture.  This beautiful animal stands proudly at almost three feet tall and watches all that is going on around him.  He is another of our Design Toscano exclusives.

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatuteWe have many statues of all types of animals from the not too exotic tortoise statue to our very exotic African animal collection.  In keeping with the theme of African animals in your yard, we might suggest our Prowling Spotted Jaguar Statute.  This jaguar is about four feet long and has the very distinct spots hand painted on his coat.  He is muscular and sleek and another Design Toscano exclusive design.

Bring the exotic animals inside and make your home décor pop with style.  We have many different table series such as our Gothic tables that are just a little bit out of the ordinary.  The Maharajah Elephant Glass-Topped Sculptural Table is another Design Toscano exclusive and is a wonderful elephant dressed to carry a king or at least a cocktail.  With all these exclusives, why would you shop elsewhere.
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Bring Peace Into Your Garden With Our Peaceful Figures

The Three Virtues Buddha Wall SculptureEvery home and dwelling needs a bit of peace and serenity be it in the indoor or outdoor décor.  Home is where you come to relax after a busy day.  Our Basil Street Gallery carries a wide selection of statues, wall decorations and ornaments for every mood.  When looking for serenity look no further than The Three Virtues Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This wall piece is of the face of the Buddha reflected three times in a stance of meditation.  Nothing is more calming.

The serene garden and yard is what everyone is looking for on a summer evening for simple relaxation.  To accompany our Buddha outdoor statues, we have The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda Sculpture.  This temple piece is two and a half feet high and has five levels to the building.  It is set in a dark resin and looks divine and serene against the sky and the trees.  One of the impressive things about this sculpture is all the detail that is in the temple and it is a Toscano exclusive.

Many people sense peace and quiet in the slow movement and life of the turtle.  In our tortoise statue collection we have a nice selection of tortoises and turtles just going slow and being laid back.  One of the most adorable is the Turtle Bronze Garden Statue who is just strolling along the garden wall with his head out to see what he can see, peacefully and quietly.
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Outdoor Animals in Bronze

Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its lifelike animal statuary such as the tiger statue.  These statues look wonderful in a grassy yard or outdoor space.  One of our other outdoor animals might look good on a patio, but not too close to the grill.  This is our Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden Statue.  This lion is so regal looking that you might want to build him a throne and so well sculpted that every muscle glistens.

We have popular playful animal sculptures like our Meerkat statue and the Meerkat families that romp in the yard.  You might, however, want something to guard the chickens like our Fanciful Fox Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. The Fanciful Fox is well detailed and strong looking, yet you get the feel that he could be away in flash.

Many animals like to be in and out of water or near a water pond like our tortoise statue does.  If you don't have room for or don't really want a pond that needs a lot of maintenance, you can achieve the same feel with one of our small ponds with animals.  One the cutest of these vignettes is the Ducklings with Basin Bronze Garden Statue.  This is a wonderful little scene with the ducklings playing around and in the basin and looks great near a flower garden.
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Watery Fun in the Garden

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze StatueWe offer so many outdoor water fountains that it is hard to preview them all.  There are dogs drinking from water fountains and young cherubs playing in the water.  Our fountains come in all sizes and are sculpted out of many different materials with great style and detail. One of the most unusual and one of the larger of our water fountains is the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Statue.  He's a very detailed Asian dragon sculpted in bronze and pours water out of his mouth.

In continuation of the Asian theme, there are several small and large Buddha outdoor statues in our collection for you to choose from.  Many are quiet tranquil depictions of the Buddha and The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statueothers show the happy cheerful Buddha.  One of our larger happy Buddha statues is The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue. This statues smiles down at you and your garden and wishes all good luck.

While we have many a tortoise statue, not all of them are outdoor water fountains which seems a natural place for thing for them to be.   One of the cutest and prettiest of these turtle fountains is the Undersea Turtle Solid Bronze garden sculpture which depicts turtles swimming and playing underseas.

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Animals and Wee Folk

Prowling Tiger StatueOur tiger sculpture is just amazing and needs to be seen to be appreciated.  We have sleek prowling lifelike looking adult tigers walking around the yard or sleeping in the shade.  You can perhaps picture some of the cute little tiger cubs prancing around the table, yet so quiet and immovable they are no danger at all.  We also have one tiger statue which is not done in the lifelike tiger veneer, but is sculpted in metal showing off all of his great musculature by the artist Antoine Louis-Bayre.  This is the elegant Prowling Tiger that overshadows all others outside.

If tortoises or turtles do not naturally visit your yard, you can add a tortoise statue to your décor.  We have tortoises in all sizes from the large Galapagos tortoise to the smaller but cute Aesop's tortoise.  If you are contemplating building a tranquil space we have two tranquil tortoises, one large and one giant, the Tranquil Tortoise Sculpture Giant is pictured here.

Brittany, the English Fairy SculptureA garden fairy statue or more can brighten up the outdoor décor.  We have these sculptures in marble, bronze and other materials that give these fairies life and fancy.  One of the most beautiful of these is Brittany the English Fairy Sculpture with the great butterfly wings who can bring charm and grace into any space.
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Statues to Liven Up a Garden

Tortoise statueIn a bed of flowers, just in the grass or in a stone or tile yard section, a tortoise statue is a cute, creative addition to outdoor décor.  The very largest tortoise statue, the Galapagos Tortoise Statue, is more than five feet with incredibly lifelike features.  Children will love to play around and sit on this cute guy. Not everyone has enough space for him so there is our smallest tortoise, Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron Statue, only 10" long can easily fit into a restful Zen garden as an Asian symbol of longevity and peace.  Of course, there are several tortoises sized in between to suit every need.

Tiger sculpture is so charming and so unusual that it will always draw a compliment.  Whether you choose the totally adorable Tiger Cub, or a larger tiger such as the Sumatran Tiger, your Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculptureoutdoor space will have a certain touch of India.  Your choice is unlimited from sleeping tigers to prancing cubs.
In continuation of an animal theme, take a look at the Meerkat statues. 

The Meerkat Clan Statue, is a wonderful family of meerkats that come with their own log, grass and stream.  They are just out for a playful romp.  The Kalahari Meerkat Statues: Into the Hole, and Out of the Hole, placed on opposing sides of the yard will never cease to surprise everyone.
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Welcome the Spring Season With Our Extraordinary Garden Statuary!

Welcome this brand new Spring season with extraordinary sculptures for outside, exclusive from Design Toscano! In celebration of this season of rebirth, Toscano is having a three-day March Into Spring Sale (March 28-30)! During this sale, take 20% off our entire site. This includes everything from our gargoyle figurines to our tortoise statues!
Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue
The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue is a Design Toscano-exclusive piece that is not for the faint of heart! Our life-size, gray-toned zombie will claw his way out of your garden plot, office, or family room corner, pleading for assistance with the eeriest eyes you have ever seen! Captured in quality designer resin with our meticulous detail and finished so realistically that you’ll swear you can hear him groaning! Perhaps better for the halloween season, but more shocking at any other time, this 13-pound piece arrives in three pieces.
Another of our extraordinary resin garden statues is our Easter Island “Ahu Akivi Moai” Monolith Statue. Astound and impress guests and neighbors at your next Polynesian luau with our exclusive, heavyweight, six-foot-tall King Moai, inspired by the 380 A.D. Easter Island originals. Said to represent gods, ancestors, or powerful kings, our Toscano exclusive replica is cast in quality designer resin with a rough, chiseled faux stone finish.
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Introduce This Sage Animal Into Your Garden

Other than its slow pace and its old age, there is more to the tortoise than meets the eye. This sage, wise animal has been depicted in several religions and ideologies for its mysterious tendencies. In Hinduism, Vishnu took the form of a half-man half-tortoise, the lower half being a tortoise. Furthermore, Tortoise shells were used by ancient Chinese as Oracle Bones to make predictions.
Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron Statue
Design Toscano offers several Tortoise statues that you can introduce to your yard's other garden statuary and animal yard statues, like Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron Statue.
Take a cue from our laid-back turtle and remind yourself to take life at a slower pace! This exotic Asian symbol of longevity, stability and patience is cast of long-lasting, heavyweight iron to endure every bit as long as his namesake. Give this Toscano exclusive as a gift for home or garden that sends a message of protection and luck!

A cuter version of this sage animal is The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture.
So realistically sculpted that he’s likely to be mistaken for one of his living, breathing namesakes, this symbol of good fortune is said to being years of happiness! Our Toscano-exclusive work of decorative art is cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand-painted to take a proud place in home or garden gallery. 

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Exotic Animal Statues For Your Garden

Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of animal garden statues that includes a substantial amount of wild animal yard statues, including tortoise statues, tiger sculptures, and more! Delight visitors to your garden, pool, or patio with our outdoor animal statues. The lifelike appearance and fine detail of these garden sculptures are found only at Toscano! 
The Giant Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture
The Giant Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture will convince many of your guests, visitors and passerby that this piece is a real tortoise roaming your garden!
So realistically sculpted that he’s likely to be mistaken for one of his living, breathing namesakes, this symbol of good fortune is said to being years of happiness! Our Toscano-exclusive work of decorative art is cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand-painted to take a proud place in home or garden gallery. 

The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Lying Down Tiger Cub Statue is a popular and cute garden statuary piece in our animal sculptures collection!
This adorable tiger cub adds an exotic touch to your home or garden! With characteristically fierce beauty, this tiger is amazingly detailed, cast in quality designer resin, and hand-painted with thick black stripes that capture every nuance. This playful feline is sure to turn heads!

Visit Design Toscano's Animal Statues collection to shop our exclusive statues, sculptures and more for outdoors. Search our vast kingdom for the animal statue you seek!
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Add Some Wisdom To Your Garden With Our Tortoise Statues

The tortoise is a unique animal that holds a lot of meaning among many cultures and groups of people. The tortoise is the symbol of wisdom, and it is thought to be able to defend itself on its own. It personifies Water, Moon, Mother-Earth, Time, Immortality, and Fertility. The starting of creation is associated with the tortoise. It is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the whole world, as it is depicted in many statues and sculptures found around the world.

Add some of this animal's wisdom to your garden today with Design Toscano's exclusive tortoise statues! 

The Galapagos Tortoise Statue, which is a part of the Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection, is a large depiction of one of the most patient animals on earth.  So realistically sculpted that he s likely to be mistaken for one of his living, breathing namesakes, this tortoise exudes the exotic feel of the Galapagos Islands! Our substantial, more-than-five-foot-long work of decorative art is cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand-painted to take a proud place in home or garden gallery. This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

Another grand-scale turtle of ours is the Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture, which is considered to be a symbol of good fortune and is said to bring years of happiness to the masters of the estate where it is placed.

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Unique Gifts for Everyone

Design Toscano is a great place to look for gifts for everyone in your family.  The variety of products from furniture to wall art to garden statues will amaze you.  There are products for the Religious person in your family with religious scupltures as the St. Francis Sculpture 
Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture
or the Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Sculpture
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Sculpture 

Not sure what to get the animal lover that has everything how about an animal yard statue like The Meerkat Gang 
The Meerkat Gang Sculpture

 or The Tranquil Tortoise.
The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - Large

 Design Toscano even carries products for the Gothic person in your life with gothic decor products like Vampire Bats

The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall Sculptures
or Legendary Dragon of Glenshire Lidded Box.

 Legendary Dragon of Glenshire Lidded Box

Or if you are looking for that hard to shop for person consider Basho the Sumo Wrestler 
Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture

or Freedom's Pride Eagle.

 Freedom's Pride Eagle Wall Sculpture

There is really something for everyone here. 
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